Thursday, 30 March 2017

🏞️Ko Au Te Awa, Ko Te Awa Ko Au 🏞️

IALT: reflect, blog and share what the words "I am the river and the river is me", means to me!

Today for Inquiry, we were given a task based upon, finding out what the saying "I am the river and the river is me", means to you or yourself basically! I found it hard at first, but after getting help from those classmates/peers/and teachers I was able to have and get much more useful help! I was able to ask, and look for answers to hard questions to answer, for example... When they asked, me what does the saying mean to me, not only was it hard to answer but it was also hard to understand! Sorts of questions like that for me, I don't have the ability to quickly straight away, given an answer as fast as lighting!

What does it mean to me?
(I am the river, and the river is me!)

What does “I am the river & the river is me”, mean to me/myself?
From a clear and hard understanding, I personally think the meaning of this is to feel as if you were the river! After learning, creating and sharing around this particular topic with classmates, and peers surrounded by me, it has not only helped me to understand what it means to me, but also develop new ways of finding new understandings, on what this means means to me! In order for me to finally understand, what this means, I was able to figure it out AFTER our walk to our local creek, which was the Dunkirk Creek! Walking, and walking around this creek made me think, see and also feel what the river thinks, sees and also feels. Also to myself this means you having to imagine you were river, being surrounded by the things the river is surrounded by! Basically, up to all the negatives leading to all the positives.

If you were to answer this question, what would your answer be, or what the easy and hard parts of answering this question be?

Please leave helpful, and useful feedback below, you think would help for me to improve more and more on! Also feel free to comment below, and share your answer, your thoughts, or in other words you suggestions on what I need to work more on!
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Friday, 24 March 2017

⛺Whanaungatanga Experience ⛺

WALT: reflect on our Whanaungatanga Experience...

2 weeks a go on Thursday & Friday the year 7 & 8 Kia Manawanui Syndicate went on a trip to the 2017 ASB Polyfest! We experienced all sorts which will be talked about, and presented on the presentation yet to be viewed. As you read through my presentation you will not only find that I am or will be talking about the sleepover, we had on Thursday on the Panmure Lagoon Trip we had on Friday! I will be talking about my highlight, my thoughts on what we should've done and what it could've helped us with and many more things not only yet to be listed but also yet to be read.

Something I found challenging was choosing a food to choose! There were so many option and my mouth and stomach was hungry for them all but for some reason I felt like 1 food choice would've been enough!

Something I liked and look forward to doing, was experiencing more cultural performances, and also more traditional cultural food also.

Have you ever been to Polyfest? Or A SleepOver, Or a Lagoon Pools Trip with your school, or Year cluster?

If you have, or If YES please comment below about your highlight of food, and performances, sleeping arrangement, and also swimming highlights !!!



For Polyfest I was with or in the group which belonged to the teacher Miss Aireen. The peers, or classmates that I was in the same group was...

  • Irys
  • Ana
  • Kauri
  • Curtys
  • Rosemary
  • Lovely
I really enjoyed working with these people mainly, because I don't have much in common with, or they are people I don't usually work with in other words.

The highlight of Polyfest I enjoyed or I mainly liked, was getting the opportunity to see cultural performances, traditional food, and also drawings, and taking photo's inside the photo booths! 

One thing I wished we could've done was come back as a year 7/8 Syndicate on Saturday to watch more of different cultural performances!!


Wih the sleep over we did many different activites, team building activities where we had to create s kit using a line, and a object in our play.. Eating Dinner, and having a FieFia night, which was giving other students, and people opportunities to come of their shell and showcase who they really are!

Heaps of people stepped out of their comfort zone, and showed who they really were/are! For example Lovey, Jose, Irys and many people!

We all performed differently! Some people sang songs, or karaokes, or even did sing alongs? I myself performed a song by Beyonce which was Love On Top!

We were settled into bed! Well I was settled into a tent with 3 different other girls.. which were,
  1. Frances
  2. Ana
  3. Irys
We had heaps of fun, talking, laughing, smiling and making unforgettable memories I would've never forgotten!

Lagoon Pools:

We got their got changed, and straight was given the safety talk! We all understood and straight away began group races! After group races, we had free time, for the rest of the day! We had breaks, with ice blocks and sausage sizzles!

It was the end of the day, which felt so fast!

I've written really short reflections, because in my presentation more detail, and more explaining would've been done!

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💣Terror Attack In London💣

IALT: reflect on an article based upon a Terror Attack in London!

According to an news article read by myself on the website KiwiKidsNews on Wednesday afternoon there was an attack just outside Parliament. Apparently a shocking 5 people were killed, and over 40 people were badly, seriously injured! Authorities say that the Area around Houses Of Parliament were shut off, or in other words closed down due to safety reasons. This is the most serious terrorist attack on London wasn't since the 7/7 bombings in 2005. Which is the year I was actually born in! They also say that on Thursday morning, the UK Prime Minister which is or known as "Theresa May" has just now confirmed police have arrested up to 8 different individuals in order of being related to this incident of "terrorist attack"!

I think the world is turning into an unsafe place! My reaction after reading this article was mainly "SHOCKED"! A "terror attack", really? Maybe these people were aiming towards one person only, but why would you go towards all that trouble just to injure that person or group of people! I mean like not only might that affect the person you want to be affected by this but innocents will be killed, injured, on even endangered.

Imagine if you were an innocent women/man/boy or girl, and you injured, hurt or killed because idiotic behavior like this for example? How would it make you feel and how would you re-act?

What are your thoughts on this article?

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

🌞Climate Change Presentation🌞

WALT: research and present our presentations about Climate Change!

We were given the task of completing a group presentation to work on! There were 5 different groups, and each group was given a different question to work on, related to Climate Change! Before we did that we were given a group task which was to give a prediction about what we think the question, or Climate Change means to ourselves. 

When we were completing our presentation we decided to not only add information, and answers we had found while researching about Climate Change, but we also wanted and decided to put in and list down our predictions, on what we thought it meant at first before finding the definition.. along with images related to Climate Change!

The people/group, I worked with was with a majority of students/peers/classmates I sometimes, don't usually work with! The people I worked with, or that were in my group for this task was...
  • Metui
  • Ana
  • Akanesi
  • Leilani
  • Rosemary
  • Toma
Something I enjoyed about working with these students, and peers of mines was having the ability to use Extended Abstract, and also find ways in linking and look at idea's in different ways, in order to find more idea's related to the topic!

Our Group Presentation...

Before presenting this presentation to the class, myself, and the group I was working with organised upto 1 slide for someone to present. 

For example the opening slide was presented by myself, and Metui, Our predictions were presented by myself also and Ana, our research and facts found were presented from Leilani, Toma, & Metui, and lastly the images were presented by Rosemary and Akanesi!

Do you know what Climate Change is?

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

➗ Dicey Games ➗

Image result for dice
IALT: reflect on completing the Dicey game!

Yesterday, our maths group "Number Ninja's" was given a task to play in a group of 2-3 people. The game was called "Dicey Games". We had to pair up with either 2 or 3 people, per group! We would have 4 dice and with the 4 dice we would have to roll all those dice. We had to make a 3 digit number with 3 of the dice which we rolled, for example 6, 3, & 2! The number would be 632, and the last number left out you would have to multiply it by! For example if there was 1 number left, which was 3 you would have to multiply 632 by 3, which is 1896 according to my calculations. I played this game with one of my peers in the same maths group as me (Number Ninjas), which was Rosemary.

One reason why I choose to work with Rosemary, was because that I've never worked with, and because she struggles with english, because it is not her first language, I thought it could be a good nice, and new oppurtunity of me helping her with her english for Maths!

At first it was hard for the both of us to understand each other, and also understand the different strategies we used in order to solve the problem from the numbers the dice gave you. I thought working with Rosemary, would help for me to develop, and learn new things! Maybe, for example if she solved her dice numbers differently, Maybe I could use it to help me improve more on using new, faster and easier strategies of maths. Some numbers we had to multiply together were,
  • 543 x 6
  • 213 x 3
  • 643 x 2

    And much, much more! We helped each other work through some problems, or maths equations we found hard to solve. At some stages we just gave up, but then we would always hit and strike back.
I liked working with Rosemary, because she taught me how to use different strategies for different amount of numbers..

I look forward to seeing her achievement related to Maths, in the further!

Click here to view Rosemary's blog!

Have you ever played a game like this?

Image result for dice

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

🎲 Tamaki Primary Fun Day Reflection 🎲

Image result for bouncy castle

IALT: reflect on Tamaki Primary fun day!

Today from 12PM, to 3PM Tamaki Primary was holding a Fun Day! All you had to do was pay $4 in order to be apart, and take part of some fun and action. When we walked out, the first thing we did was have a short School Assembly, in order to recognise, and give the 2017 Student Council badges. My name was called up to give my badge, and I was very proud to represent my last name, my school, and also my friends, and family!

Have you ever been given an Student Leader position?

Also we had an assembly, in order to go through the rules, and the limit while having Fun Day! There 3 different Bouncy Castles, and several different activities for example...
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Softball
My goal, was to attend every bounce castle... but I was afraid that the lines were going to be long, and I wouldn't get my turn in time. The first bouncy castle I was on was quite difficult with all the different kids running around, and bumping into each other but at the end of the day I was able to make it through all the obstacles, and happily complete each bouncy castle! One bouncy castle I found very difficult, was bouncy castle when you had strap up and run as far as you could with the strings attached to your back!

Image result for fun

Overall, I thought this was a good way to enjoy ourselves, and have an active bunch of students running around, safe and also happy!

I can't wait to see what the staff member of Tamaki Primary 2017, has in store for us this year!

What do you think, about this?
Have you ever had a Fun Day, If yes what was your highlight? & Why?

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🏸Final Badminton Reflection🏸

Image result for badminton
IALT: reflect on our FINAL Badminton session!

As if from today, at 9.40AM was officially our last Badminton lesson for the rest of the YEAR! Our instructor BEN, has helped me learn a lot with Badminton with the past few weeks we were working with him. For example, how to hold different racquet grips, and the best way to also approach and reach out for the shuttle! Honestly, I am very devastated knowing  that it was our last week, but I am also very interested and looking forward, to our next sport which is SKATEBOARDING!

We firstly, just started with a normal warm up! The only thing was when we had started with the warm-up, it wasn't stuck in the mud! We tried something new, the game we played was that if someone, was to touch the area, around or our knees, you have to do 5 star jumps, and you were basically back in the game!

As we were playing this game the one thing, that I found challenging was that because a big class, was playing in a small space, it was hard for me not to bump, hit or break anything! I felt like we were a given a small space to play around, which was a real big challenge, seeing the active happy faces!

Then throughout the whole lesson, all we did was play 1 on 1, badminton using a net! We were divided into 2 different groups, and each group had to be formed into a line, waiting for a/their turn to play! It was really hard at first because I kept hitting the shuttle to hard, and with less control, but as timed passed I was able, to put more control into my hand, and also grips! As time passed, we changed up the rules, into 2 players each VS another 2 players. At first I paired with Matthew, our challenging, or opponents were very hard to play but as we played, and against different people we were able to figure out different strategies, to beating or winning against them. We went through the same thing throughout the rest of our lesson, then our time was up.

Something I enjoyed about Badminton after all these lesson was having the ability work through different grips. I also liked working with different people, and learning new skills and ability from each different class mate or peers I have worked with.

I look forward to next weeks, lesson on Skateboarding, and also learning new things about others in my classroom, related to skateboarding.

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