Monday, 31 October 2016

My Celebration - Question "What traditions are associated with celebrations and why do they continue"

I am learning to reflect, and answer the specific question given based on our inquiry topic (Celebrations).

Today for Inquiry, one of the tasks given were to answer the question given with deep thought. The question that was given was.. "What traditions are associated with celebrations, and why do they continue!? This has helped me realise how my cultures, traditions work and WHY they are passed down! This task has brang me closer to my culture, and also helped me understand the way my culture works!

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Standing Up to Peer Pressure - Speech Helper

Standing Up Peer Pressure.. 
Speech Helper....

To myself present my speech some time to the class this week, I've decided to create a presentation, that will list key ideas of my speech. This should help me improve, on remembering a specific amount of sentences just with a few words. By using this presentation, I should be able to present my speech, the way it was written, and the way I wanted it to be presented. I find using this presentation a more helpful tool, then having to read of the screen. I also have time to go over my speech, and also memorising it so when I'm presenting it.. I can look at my audience/crowd with pride, without having to present by reading of the screen, or trying to remember what was written on the document supplied.. to draft this speech!

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Kiwi Sport Reflection

WALT: reflect on what we learnt at kiwi sport
KiwiSport Reflection

The person who was in charged of teaching us, and showing us skills based on basketball.. was known by the name, of Murlet!

Today at Kiwisport, we learnt how to defend the player, with the ball.. and we also played a full a game. But before we did any of that we learnt a certain basketball move, in this certain move the movement, that was needed to do was to hop.. taking turns with your left and right leg. So basically what needed to be done was you would, hop with your right, leg then with your left leg, and lastly you would then jump on your left leg.. aiming the ball towards the hoop.. with the left knee up and with the left leg of the ground. 

As we played the full court game.. we were spilt into 2 different teas. In each team there was at least 4 players.. both teams had exactly 2 of each gender (2 girls, and 2 boys). As we played the game, we had to use the skills, and movement we learnt before playing.. with the defending skills, and shooting skills!

I learnt a lot of things based on basketball, during the lesson. I also look forward to the next basketball lesson we will be having!

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Friday, 28 October 2016

Diwali Party Invitation

WALT: blog our Diwali Party Invitation

This is me and my Buddy, "Mia's" Diwali Invitation, our activity was to complete making a Diwali Invitation. Me and my buddy decide to create this, by posting images, of food and drinks...!

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Millions Of Kids Can't Go To School - Reading

WALT: reflect on what we've read
Millions of kids can't go to school
In million of places around the world, don't have the best education, some children, are so unlucky, they have absolutely no education! Some children don't have access to regular educations, some children have access to quality education, and some may not even have any education. The children in the world, that have education, should value it because, some children, and tennagers who want to learn something badly each day, might not always have the opportunity.

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Kapa Haka Reflection

Yesterday afternoon, I joined the year 7 & 8 Kapa Haka group. 

Because most of the students were gone to the Sports Tournaments (Touch), and so they were only a few people, left behind.. Myself, Raena, Frances, Petra, Mana and Jason. We went over a few songs, performed  to our tutor, and we also performed some things. Because of our hard work, our Kapa Haka tutor wanted to buy us some food, so after school, we all meet up at the takeaways.. and we all ate.. and from there on we left.

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