Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Task 3 4 and 5 (The Moon)

Here is 3 interesting facts I found from a youtube clip if you want you can click here to watch the youtube clip

As you can see under the 3 interesting facts there is a quiz, if you think the moon is a Banana then comment A in the comment section, and if you think the moon is a cresin then please comment B.

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Friday, 23 October 2015

A Gift from the Sun

Today we had to complete a presentation full of 5 activities we had to get done before the end of the week!

Today (FRIDAY 23RD OCTOBER) me and my buddy Frances just finished completing all our create tasks

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Before we Started our activites!!

Before we started our Activities we had to read 3 pages about the sun, after that we had to answer some questions from the next 3 slides


What are TWO GIFTS the sun gives us?
  1. Heat
  2. Light

What is ONE UNWELCOME GIFT from the sun?
  1. UV (Ultraviolet Radiation)

What are 3 ways Ultraviolet Radiation Rays can harm us?

  1. Burn our SKIN badly
  2. Damage our EYES
  3. It can give us CANCER

What are 3 ways we can protect ourselves from UV Rays?

  1. Wearing a HAT
  2. Putting SUNBLOCK on
  3. Staying under SHADE!

Our SunSmart Song

Hi Today me and my friend Frances created a SunSmart song for one of our activities from the presentation "A Gift from the Sun"
This song involves powerful adjectives.

The sun is a powerful fireball, bringing all it’s light towards us. The sun is a powerful fireball, it lights up the morning sky.
All the energy shining above me, makes me feel like eternity.
The sun is a powerful Fireball, Shining over my heart.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Sun Poetry

Today for Writing we had to write Poetry about the sun

We had to put in 3 similes, 3 adjectives, 1 verbs and 1 metaphor

Look below to view my Sun Poetry

I hope you've enjoyed reading my Poetry about the Sun

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The SUN note taking

Here is my Note taking about the Sun!!

We had to complete this because we were pre-paring to write down our Information Reports about the Sun


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Today me and my partner Frances entered a photo for a competition

We had heaps of fun taking these, I hope you enjoy watching and hopefully the photo we entered was enough for us to win.


SunSmart places around T.P.S

Here is the SunSmart places we took photos around T.P.S

I hope you choose these places to stay protected from the sun

Thank you for viewing

My Sun Block Designing

Today one of our activities were to create our own Sun Block design, I hope you think my Sun Block design is really cool. I also hope you would choose my Sun Block to stay protected from the sun!!

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