Thursday, 24 August 2017

🎡 My Musical Hobby 🎡

WALT: explain what my hobby.

So with me my hobby as a child nowadays is to become a musician. The reason why? Well, it's simple...

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When I sing or hear the soothing sound of music playing, it helps to make feel at peace. Which relates to my Taha Wairua (Spiritual Health). 

In being a part of a school band at Tamaki Primary School, and as being a child growing up in the house of god, singing hymns, and learning different songs has helped for me to develop, a love, interest, and passion for music and singing. As a young child at first it was important to me, but as I understood the lyrics, and the reasons behind our choir and behind our singing it was able to catch my attention.

Now, heading into the direction of my family.. my family is a family who has fallen in love with music. The way I see it is that we are passing down our passion, to the younger generation in order to keep the family passions and interests going.

My friends, helped and supported me through perusing and dreaming big. Every time I made a mistake I wasn't laughed AT, I was laughed WITH. They helped in never giving up, pushed me in performing in crowds, and also helped me in never giving up.

 At the hardest times, I tried and I failed, but in having a open and growth mindset I was able to never give up. I was able to find my way of the ground and onto my feet and giving me the opportunity to try again, rise higher, and stand tall.

Therefore, I am still standing with my dream in becoming a musician. I don't ever think this dream will fade as I will try to the best of ability!

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So if you think of music to me.. It isn't just a hobby but also a dream I hope to pursue in the future as I learn and develop more.

What is your hobby, or dream?

Please leave a comment down below... :) 

Muchly Appreciated,


Derek said...

Hi Losana, thanks for your wonderful presentation at the Manaiakalani Celebration day - I thoroughly enjoyed what you had to say, and found the special link between music and how it enabled you to feel and be the person you are - much more than just a hobby. This is a great insight for anyone to come to understand, and I hope you will be able to share this with a lot more people along the way.

You asked if we could share our hobby - for me I found this in a hobby I have had since I was very young - that is mountaineering and tramping in some of NZ's most wonderful bush and mountains. Being in those places is what made me feel the way you do with music - really in touch with who I am and what I believe I can be.

Lynne Le Gros said...

Hello Losana. I really enjoyed your presentation today at Manaiakalani Hui. I was interested to read singing is a family passion. Have you learnt any songs from your family? Good luck pursuing your dream!

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