Monday, 14 August 2017

🏫 PB4L Behavior - Corridors & Stairs 🏫

WALA: how we should behave while being around the corridors, and around the stairs.

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Miss Komor went through a PB4L (Positive Behavior 4 Learning) learning session. As a class we talked about how we should behave in the corridors, and in the stairs. We listed our idea's down after contributing idea's when being picked, or putting our hands up.

From discussing, to listing and then creating. Our task was to create a DLO to showcase what we learnt from the lesson. I worked with Akanesi to understand and learn new things from her at the same time!

With me and Akanesi's, DLO creation we created a google presentation. One slide is explaining our new knowledge on what we learnt in relation to behavior around the stairs, and corridor. We listed our idea's, and also added images!

Something I want to change around our school? Well I would like for people to start changing their mindset. Instead of running and thinking it's alright to push or shove others into the wall for your fun and excitement, it would be better to use your common sense to walk, and politely ask for them to move by saying 'excuse me'.

It was cool for everyone to contribute to our discussion, and to also see a lot of hands go up and idea's come out. This was my favouirte part to be honest.

If you were or are still a student how do you think we should behave while ebing in the corridors and on the stairs?

Please leave a comment down below.

I look forward in viewing and using your feedback in the future.

Muchly Appreciated,


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