Friday, 25 August 2017

πŸ“Έ My Presentation - Manaiakalani Hui πŸ“Έ

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IALT: focus and reflect on what I went did this morning.

It was nothing other than a crazy morning.. running around finding my bag, getting dressed for school, and 'ohh yeah' preparing myself for my presentation at the panmure yacht and boating club, for those member of the Manaiakalani cluster. We got there, and I was able to spot the Point England Kapa Haka group.. they were amazing! Their performance blew me away! I loved the songs they sang, and the expression they showed through their facials. But not only was I blown away but my nerves were shaking like crazy! I was so distracted in watching Point England's performance I totally forgot about how I was the first presenter up! It was soon before I called up...

I was called up, and made my way to the centre of the stage. A million thoughts were going through my head... but I kept calm, I took deep breaths in and out! This helped for me to relax more and stress less. I got up and began my presentation, as I finished the first slide, I felt I was ready to conquer and draw attention to the next slide. As I presented I tried my best in making eye-contact with the audience. I saw camera's flashing, and people whispering to each other. But, as much as I wanted to stop and freeze I kept it in me, and pulled through. Before I knew it my presentation was over!

Now it was my turn to be the audience throughout other's performance. As I watched, I wasn't only engaged in my other peers presentation, but I was also informed. They helped for me to realise and learn new things as much as just watching and listening. I learnt from a year 8 female (Honey - Glen Taylor), that she would like to increase the safety of her whereabouts - Glen Innes, or for short G.I.

My main highlight in presenting was coming as a representative of Tamaki Primary. It may not be the biggest school, or the most popular but it's a school that has helped me find my way in my learning journey throughout time!

I look forward in presenting next time! I can't wait to see my next audience. As much as I am nervous and unsure of presenting at first, at the end I am always grateful I was able to pull through knowing that the message I shared was a purposeful message and also a message that you can make a difference in.

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Just by reading, or if you were even their how do you think I can improve on my next presentation?

Please leave a comment down below! I really look forward in viewing and using the feedback or the feedforward you leave behind.

Many Thanks!


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