Tuesday, 29 August 2017

πŸ“š Integrated Studies - Hobbies πŸ“š

WALT : Gather, Evaluate and Synthesise information

With reading, well not really but integrated studies, we always given an text to read and a task to complete. With the task given I've only completed part of the task so with the bits of the task I completed, I created another DLO using Google Presentations - Google Drive Application. Anwyays,

With this task I basically had to pick my top 2 of my top hobbies and explain how I think I might be able to develop more with this hobby in my spare time.

My biggest challenge with this task?, Well it was basically to find the connection the article and the task had to each other.. but as I complete the whole task given I will then explain my viewpoint or perspective on the connections or relations the article and the task.

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With me, what more do I want from this task that could affect my future?... To understand the connections and relations to the task I'm completing. And to be able to honestly answer any question that comes around in relation to the text given... proving I have successfully read and understood the text provided for myself to read and also the task given for myself and my group to complete.

How would you have completed this task?
Do you have feedback or feed forward for me to use in the future?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view in the future.

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