Thursday, 3 August 2017

🎽 Cross Country Run - Fitness 🎽

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IALT: find a pace I can consistently move to...

So today our fitness routine changed a little bit. Instead of the usual bike track run, and 2x station fitness we went on a run outside of school. We had to run the block! We started of at the exit and entry gate to the left hand side of the school. We ran past the car entry, around tot eh somerville entry, ran along the tamaki intermediate gate, back up around the foot path along the main road at the walking entry and back into the left hand gate where we first started of.

As we ran a lot was going through my head. For example when I started running I started running with 3 girls from both room 9 and 10. Who were.. Stacey, Frances and Ana. When we ran I realised one of the 4 stayed behind (Frances), but then we all walked and waited for her to catch her breath. We made their as one, and as a group with no team member left behind. But.. one thing that was going through my head when some wanted to leave some member of the team behind was that there was no 'i" in team. I said it out loud and gave the group the boost of confidence they needed.

In the end it was tiring for me but I found that I was able to find the Cross Country run much more easier and less difficult than our usual fitness routine.

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Something I wish to work on next time is to.. encourage more of my peers to run for it, and to believe in themselves more.  I hope to see that people will have more of a growth mindset to encourage themselves to keep going no matter what.

The most enjoyable part I find in completing the Cross Country run was starting with a group and finishing, and crossing the line with those very teammates.

If you were to experince this run what would your main highlight be?
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Please leave a comment down below for me to view next time, including feedback and feedforward for me to use in the future as I consistently keep blogging.

Muchly Appreciated.


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