Thursday, 24 August 2017

⭕ Ancient & Modern Hobbies - Venn Diagram ⭕

IALT: create a Venn Diagram in order to identify what they have in common and their differences.

So I worked with Ancient & Modern hobbies! I compared and was able to find what they have in common, and their differences. I used Google as my helper, and I also discussed this with some of my school peers.

Not only was I able to list the differences, but I also developed new knowledge and was able to learn something new other then just researching and reading!

As I was completing this task I came across some difficulty. As I read some text it didn't make sense to me.. mainly because of the wording and with some of the words in the text I wasn't able to properly define the world!

But with the things I found simple was finding out what they had in common. I did this by.. looking at an idea or a difference they have against each other, and think about whether they both those in common!

What I would like to learn next?, Well thats easy.. I want gain more knowledge on both Ancient and Modern hobbies. By doing this will help me out with developing and learning around more when it comes to modern and ancient hobbies.

Which would you prefer, Modern or Ancient hobbies?

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