Tuesday, 15 August 2017

πŸ‘£ 24 Hour Digital Footprint - Cybermsarts πŸ‘£

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IALT: create a map showing my 24 digital footprint.

So a few days ago Miss Shearing came in, when she came in she asked for us to open our history. Which can be opened shortly using (ctrl - H), I was able to find my digital footprints. I made a copy of the map, and designed my own. I accessed 9 websites in the hours I was at school, which is put in the order I accessed the websites in.

Have you ever wondered about how your digital footprints affect your daily life?

I found this task so engaging, it helped for me to realise the digital footprints I make everyday. And by completing this task has helped me realise that once a digital footprint is made, it can't be deleted from the online web.

Something I enjoyed while doing this task was how it wasn't to boring. I didn't have to type, and I didn't have to explain as you can see these images and footprints, are very clear on what this DLO is showing (With a little explanation above).

Next time something I would like to work on doing better is to explain why or what I was doing on those websites. For example if I was on the class site, which area of the class site was I on. I would like to be a little more specific in order to let my audience understand why, and what I was doing more.

Did you know you make a digital footprint everyday your on the web? Every website you access?, and every tab that is re-opened and closed?

In learning about this has helped for me to be more careful online. I need to realise the consequences that could be placed for the footprints I make. I believe this will help for me to stay online, and to also keep me from irrelevant things.

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I look forward in viewing and using the feedback put and published on my blog.

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