Wednesday, 23 August 2017

❔Questions - Hobbies ❔

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IALT: create a DLO of my questions/wondering based around hobbies.

Do have wonderings, or questions around Hobbies? Well I have them too. With hobbies being our new Inquiry topic, I have developed questions I have wanted to be answered. I created a DLO of my wonderings and in creating this DLO, I planned further.

After creating this DLO I wondered how I could have these wonderings/questions answered. I would like to have these questions answered by interviewing role models around the school such as.. teachers, principals or any type of workers around the school. With interviewing teacher from other classrooms will help me understand their point of view in relation to hobbies.

With my next steps in this learning journey is to interview and to find the perspectives or viewpoints of others.

Do have questions around hobbies?, Or do you have answers to any of my questions above?

Well, please leave a comment down below for me to view in the future.

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