Thursday, 24 August 2017

πŸ”΄ My Content πŸ”΄

IALT: create my content.

Today with Miss Kyla, I learnt something new. I created my content with her! When we were in the process of doing this I was a bit lost in the 'fog', but as I was asked questions, out of intrest and out of me not knowing I found myself with a clear understanding on what my content is.

My Content Text:

I live in the year 2017 as a young teenage girl with access to technology.

I live in Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand.  A country where I am free to education, make choices to pursue my passions.
My communities are Tamaki Primary and Church.
My whanau are supportive of my passions.I am lucky my context allows me to follow my aspirations to become my best future self.

As you can see, There are 5 layers within this circle. In each layer is something different. If we are starting from the bottom it goes..
  • Time
  • Place
  • Community
  • Whanau
  • An image of myself
I was quite unsure of this at first, but then it turns out there was more to it. It wasn't just layers of a circle and an image in the centre of it all it was text. 

Image result for my content

Now that I finally have a clear understanding on what 'my' or even better 'a' content is, I could help my peers in designing and creating their own.

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