Tuesday, 22 August 2017

⬆️Pay It Forward - Q&A ⬆️

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IALT: create a DLO of answers to the questions given based on a video we watched.

A few days ago, as a class we watched a video all about paying it forward. We were given 5 questions to answer after watching the video.

Our task was to create a DLO which I have completed using Google Drawings, to show my answers to the questions give by our class teacher.

What I'm hoping for? Is for people to contribute to making a change in order for our community to become a safer and better place. 

If I were to identify the most difficult part of this task it would be, deeply thinking about how the video can affect me.

But then again, what I found enjoyable throughout completing this task it would have to be realising how doing something little, can contribute a huge change to the community, environment, and a change to the world we live in.

Are you willing to pay it forward to the community, environment, and to the world we live in?

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