Thursday, 26 November 2015

Problem Solving T4W7

Today we were learning how to solve a problem using fractions, but in a faster way. 
WALT: solve problems using fractions, but also in a faster, to help us improve on our Math skills.
If you would like to read the question for today, it would be on slide 2

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Athletics Day T4W7

Hi, today for Writing we had to write down a descriptive piece of writing about athletics day!
OMG Athletics Day was so cool, and so fun.
Facebook angry smileyI can't wait for next years one!!!Facebook angry smiley
WOHHH it was just like the other day it was ATHLETICS DAY. Oh wait it was the other day man it was so exciting.
Keep reading to find out how fun it was at ATHLETICS DAY!!!!
Paragraph 1:
Getting ready to race I could see a mixed colours or clothing and blankets from my point of view.
As I stand on my lane I see my family cheering me on as I was running towards the finish line, I was able to see the fresh yummy sausage sizzlings from where I was standing.
The crowd cheering their kids on jumping up and down with gorgeous smiles on their faces.
I’m ready to race, and I could see Miss Kyla announcing the racers with her beautiful soft soothing voice.
Many different colours in front of my eyes dancing as Miss Kyla blasted music out of the speakers, like it was a mixture of a dance party and Athletics Day.
Paragraph 2:
As I was running I could feel the fresh air sprint threw my face as I crossed the finish line.
Support from my team cheering me on made me feel really good.
It was like the taste of victory in my mouth, as I just finished crossing the finish line.
The hot sun against my skin as if it was hot lava bursting out of a volcano.
I felt disappointed that my team didn't win Athletics Day, but to my team the thing that really matter is that we all had fun.
Seeing how many people that finished school, still supporting their old teams that they were in back then.
Paragraph 3:
I heard teams cheering, chanting and supporting their team mates as I sat there in silence.
Children running along the soft cut grass sounded like a bunch of hippo jumping back and forth.
It was so exciting to see children competing against each other to see who is the fastest, and havin FUN!!!
I could hear heaps of voices inside of head, saying WOHOOO GO (NAME OF CHILD)!!!
I heard screaming chanting and cheering.
Paragraph 4:
As I ran I felt the taste of victory inside of my mouth as I crossed the finish line. I also felt the taste of the delicious sausage sizzles in side of my mouth. The tasty crunchy sound of the onions on top and at the bottom of my sausage. The yummy bread with butter on it, oh BOY oh BOY was it YUMMY!!!!
Running back and fourth making me tired but also making me taste the fresh air inside of my mouth.
I was able to taste the yummy crunchy chips that my sister (Stephanie) brought.
Paragraph 5:
As I walked pass the hall I could smell the SAUSAGE SIZZLES being made!!
I could smell the the fresh grass in my nose, I could also smell the taste of sweat dripping down others, and myself’s bodies. I could smell the yum hot food that my family brought and unwrapped(YUMMY AND DELICIOUS).
I smelt the tasty food from my house tent, I could also smell the food from others families near by!!!!
Perfume from Mrs Kelly’s body!!!!!

Overall though my team didn't win it the thing that really mattered was enjoying ourselves and having heaps of fun!!

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Hero Six Problem Solving

WALT: solve problems that we find difficult, in a much faster, easier, and also better way!
As you can see below I've just finished working on my Hero 6 Problem Solving.
In this drawing you can see the question is asking me
"Eight astronauts are working on repairs to the space station. Each tank in their spacesuits has enough oxygen to last 12 hours. If they are in space for five days.

How many oxygen tanks will each astronaut need? "

Also if you look below the question you can see that I've filled out both columns.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Space Poem

Today for Art with Mrs Manuage we were doing Space art!

WALT: start and complete our Space poems, and also our space art mostly because Mrs Manuage was in our classroom (Room 9) helping us suit our poems, with our Artwork.

After finishing our Space art we had to complete one more task which included using describing that would suit your image.

Thank you for viewing and I hope that you've enjoyed reading. Hopefully you are able to add some feedback, and comments below!