Thursday, 8 December 2016

🤗Service To School's Trip (Rainbow Ends)🤗


Yesterday on Wednesday a certain amount of students were picked to attend a special trip which was the Service To School's Trip. This trip, is a trip where students who have helped out around the school consistently are picked, and chosen to go to Rainbow Ends, as an award for their dedication, and for consistently helping out to make Tamaki Primary School, a better place for us to be in. Without them the school wouldn't be as it is. The way for yourself to be chosen to come on this trip is if you are a..

  • Student Leader
  • Fruit Monitor
  • Milk Monitor
  • Sport Monitor
  • Lunches (Delivery)
  • Patrols
Those are all the possibilities for yourself to attend this trip. Luckily I was chosen.. and we were put into groups with up t 1 adult leading around about the 5-6 students that have been put in your group. The group I was in was "Sharons".. In our group there was Paris P, Ana, Amelia, Ajani and Myself. Once we got there we could split up but as long as we had discussed a meeting location.. for us to meet as one at a certain time for either lunch, or for heading home time. The rides I got to go on were..

  • Roller Coster
  • Power Surge
  • Gold Rush
  • Pirate Ship
  • Invader

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Image result for rainbow ends
Image result for rainbow ends
Image result for rainbow ends

All the other rides were either to packed, or I was to scared to go on them! At the end of the day happiness, and exhaustion was found! There was nothing on the bus but silence, the faces of full but tired children! Overall I do look forward to helping the school out more next year so I can then again attend this Service to Schools trip. 

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🙏2016 Dine & Dance Experience🙏

!My 2016 Dine and Dance Reflection Experience!

On Tuesday the 6th of December 2016, The year 7 & 8 students had a Dine & Dance event happening that very night. So basically the year 8 students come a few hours earlier than the year 7 students. The reason for this is because since it's the year 8's last year of being at Tamaki Primary before leaving for college.. We would like to thank them for being their with a feast preparation. When everyone was there so all year 7 & 8 students... thats when the real fun had begun! We danced with one another to fast songs.. and slow songs! The night was spectacular.. Without the staff that was their helping to make Dine & Dance possible, it wouldn't be the unforgettable night everyone treasured. A huge thanks, goes towards the staff.. and the students who showed up! Without them the night wouldn't have been what it was at the end of the night! As we were dancing at the beginning of the night more and more students began to show up slowly. Everyone was dressed formally! We all looked spectacular! It went from flash dresses... to amazing handsome suits. I have treasured this memory as a night never to be forgotten. We had an amazing time with one another.. dancing and enjoying the last moments we have with the year 8 students before leaving to college. Everyone had an amazing time.. and that very night, memories were made, and smiles were found!!

The 2016 Year 7 & 8 DIne & Dance TEAM!

While being at Dine & Dance, the year 7 & 8 students who attended Dine & Dance, decided for us to do a Mannequin Challenge. Check it out below...

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

🎄Christmas Songs Origin🎄

WALT: reasearch about Christmas Songs, to try and find out the "Origin" of them.

Our task was to pick 4 different Christmas Songs, and research based on their Origin. This means finding out where the song came from.. Who wrote it, and What year it was put out. This also means finding different traditions and ways others choose to celebrate their christmas. For example we could celebrate christmas by going to church, and having a feast while others celebrate christmas by placing their presents on top of broomsticks.. or even in their shoes... but it's basically tradition for them. I think it's unique how everyone can celebrate christmas in their own traditional ways. Everyone should accept one another whether they celebrate things differently to each other or not. The 4 songs I choose to work on were...

  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  • Silent Night
  • Jingle Bells
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
All the information about these 4 specific songs will be found inside the presentation that is made.

For another task which was to pick 4 different countries and research how they celebrate christmas was...
  • Serbia
  • Italy
  • India
  • Brazil
I hope you enjoy my Christmas Songs (Origin), and also the task where you had to research 4 different countries and find out how they celebrate christmas differently.

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😐John Key's Resignation 😶

I am learning to talk about John Key's Resignation 😕
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So according to what I've read and watched on Social Media.. I've learnt that John Key shockingly resigned as being a Prime Minster of our country New Zealand. Which means New Zealand, is left with no Prime Minster for the time being. One video that I had watched caught my attention, based on the title that it was given which was.. "Quit while you're ahead". According to another social media, page which is apparently keeping up with this horribly shocking event, John Key's official resignation is on Monday 12th December 2016. By this it means, from now forward John Key is basically still in charge of our Country until Monday comes. John Key has been in charge of our Country for.. 2939 DAYS!! Which is a longer time of being Prime Minister than Barack Obama which served his country by being the US President. Barack Obama was president for 2922 days in the United States of America. But Helen Clark was in charge for 3273 Days, as Prime Minister. Did you know that John Key had won 3 elections.. which was in 2008, 2011, and lastly 2014.. And also clashed with 4 labour leaders.

If you would like to watch the video "He quit while he was ahead".. CLICK HERE

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Also in the centre of this Google Drawing.. you will see the New Zealand Flag, and on the left and the right side of the flag you will find there are heading in blue.. those heading are links, if you click on them. The links are basically links to inform you about John Key's resignation. If you have thoughts about this horrible shocking event.. please leave a comment below on what your reaction was.. and what your thoughts still are from hearing about this.

Below the flag and the links.. you will find their are 2 different columns. These 2 columns represent.. What myself thinks about John Key's resignation.. and the other one is about What does his resignation mean to New Zealand. The aim of this task was to fill 50 words of what I think about his resignation.. and to fill out 30 words in the column of what it means to New Zealand. 

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Monday, 5 December 2016

😇Changes And My Strengths😇

The changes I've made while being at camp Raglan!

The changes I realised I had gained during the time I was at camp was that, I was able to create new friends, help others realise there is more to life then just hanging out with the same people.. and also helping people give there all at any activity that is being thrown at them. By the end of the camp journey we had been through, I've realised I've changed as a friend, daughter, and family member for the better. By saying this I mean.. I feel like being away from my family to help create a stronger bond with my school peers, haven't just helped for me to create a bond with my friends at school but also to help me create a stronger bond with my family.. and also my friends outside of school. I've changed a lot from negative to positive, bad to good, and every other change I've made for the better!
 Image result for cartoon kids
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Friday, 2 December 2016

😁Who I was BEFORE and AFTER Camp?😁

This is basically an activity, where I list down the type of person I was before camp, and the person I was after camp. Along with the things I have in common, still after and before. For this activity I've listed 3 things for each categories. 3 for the person I was before camp,  for the person I still am after camp, and lastly 3 for the things I've changed while being at camp..
Who I was Before and After Camp!

  • A person with not much friends
  • A person who mainly hangs out with the same people
  • Some who chooses to limit their options
  • I still make mistakes
  • I still try to make a difference
  • Tries to change the type of person I am for the better
  • Someone who tries to make as friends as I can
  • A person with more friends than before.
  • Someone who tries to change the world for the better.
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😃Camp Poetry😃

I am learning to write a poem based on DINNER time at Camp Raglan

This poem will be mainly talking, and also be describing Dinner Time, at Camp Raglan. I've decided to write about Dinner, because mainly when you think of dinner the only thought that comes to your head is well saying GRACE, and eating FOOD.. but more happened at Camp Raglan when Dinner time came around. Not only did we say Grace, and also not only did we eat our food.. but more adventures came along...

My Poem...

Noisy, Delicious,
Eating, Talking, Laughing,
Phenomenal, Entertainment,

Image result for dinner

What I'm trying to say in this poem, is that we didn't only learn more about each other while being outdoors, we could also learn more about each other.. while having meal times.. Especially DINNER TIME. When we have dinner time at Camp Raglan, I learnt some new things based on my friends.. for example I learnt what they enjoyed the most during the time they had at camp that they, thier highlights.. and lowlights.. and also what they would like to look forward in achieving while being at Camp Raglan. Dinner time was one of my favouirte meals.. because that was basically the time where you could have the opportunity to share your thoughts about the day you had.. and also the opportunity to open up to one another.

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😊Camp Raglan 6 Tasks😊

I am learning to complete the 6 hats for my camp experince!

Here is a blog spot.. about the 6 hats. In each hat there are several questions that will be asked related to camp. The 6 hats each have a different colour for each of them. For example their is a ..

  • White Hat
  • Red Hat
  • Black Hat
  • Yellow Hat
  • Green Hat
  • Blue Hat
All these hats represent something. My goal is to use the 6 hats to critically reflect on my first day (Tuesday) at Camp Raglan. Below this you will find my 6 hats completed below.. which would be based and related towards my Camp Raglan experince.. on the first day which was Tuesday.

Image result for 6 hats


Who is here?
Myself, and also my year 7/8 peers, along with the teachers and parents of specific students.
Where are we?
Camp Raglan
Why did we come here?
To help the most of the 7/8 students create a stronger bond with one another.. and also to help each other make more friends, and better relationships.
How did we get here?
Travelling by BUS!


Why do we need to be careful while we are here?
The most important reason for my eyes why we need to be careful while being at Camp Raglan, is basically because no parent of a child wants their child coming home early.. based on serious body damage.. or very bad injuries.

How are you feeling now that you are finally here? Why?
Amazed, to have been able to see the view and also to finally see the place we were staying at!

What are you most excited to try?
I am most excited to try, because I had the ability to think about the positive things that could happen if I did try, and also because I learnt on the first nothing is impossible.

What fears/goals are you determined to overcome this camp? How do you think you will do this?
I am determined to achieve the goal, of being able to work as a team and create a stronger bond with most of my peers. I think I will do this by spending more time with each other.. and encouraging more people to give things a go.

What is one goal you have for yourself during camp?
The one goal I have for myself to achieve personally during the time at camp, is for me to have a stronger relationship with my peers.. and to be closer with one another.

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😆My Camp Raglan Acrostic Poem😆

I am learning to write a Camp Raglan Acrostic Poem

This is my Camp Raglan Acrostic Poem. This words in this represent the words and feelings, even emotions that I could feel while experiencing camp. By creating this Acrostic Poem, it has helped me think about, What I was feeling and doing, related to the Camo Raglan experince some of the year 7/8 students attended.

Image result for camp raglan

C- Cooking by the Fire
A- Annoying songs being sang
M- My Marshmallows roasting
P- Packing my clothes for camp

R- Resting for the next day
A- Already for another adventure
G- Getting Up, & Getting Ready
L- Leaving for another experince
A- All the teamwork and the courage
N- No putting each other down!

Image result for camp raglan

This is my acrostic poem based on camp, this poem expressed the camp fire experince.. and also it experienced how each day I was ready for another adventure, and also how the courage and surrport was their for one another. As I wrote this poem.. I thought about the type of emotions, feelings and also the different experiences I had.. to try and help myself complete the task which was given.. which was to create a Acrostic Poem.. With the 2 words.. "Camp Raglan".

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