Thursday, 30 June 2016

Technology Reflection

WALT: reflect on what happened, and what we completed at Technology!
This is my Technology Reflection, explaining what we had completed at Tamaki College.
We made Banana Cake, I liked how I was working as a team with my partner (Nooroa) to make a yummy delicious Banana Cake!

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Maths - (Room 4's Timetable)

WALT: explain and present our work to our audience, to inform them about more!
Today for maths, we've been learning how to create a timetable showing all the subjects, she goes to, and also WHEN! This is ROOM 4'S TIMETABLE, show clair when to take the classes she is marked down for...

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016


This is my drawing based Samoa, it has facts, and information based on the country and culture or Samoa.
WALT: explain to our audience the facts we know, and we've researched based on Samoa!

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This is my TECHNOLOGY Reflection...
WALT: reflect on the main event that we had during our Technology time at Tamaki College!

I hope you've enjoyed my Technology Reflection!
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My Name Is Mina - Responding to a text...

WALT: respond to a key text
S.C: I can describe, and explain at least one key idea from the text, “My Name Is Mina”
Key Idea - Stay True To Yourself!
Why “Do you have to stay true to yourself”?

It is important to stay true to yourself... because everyone has a different mindset, and personality! Some in this world, have similarities and some in this world don’t. Everybody is unique in their special way! No one has the right, to change themselves.. Just to impress somebody else! Everyone has the right to be themselves, and to be proud of who they are.

Bullet Points:
  • If you become somebody else on the way, you might lose your friends!
  • Sometimes if you don’t believe nothing is possible.
  • If you believe in yourself throughout the whole way, you will be able to achieve anything in life, you're aiming towards.
  • If you don’t say true to yourself, sometimes who will.
Mina’s character:
  • When everyone surrounding her had many similarities, she felt like she didn’t have to change herself just to impress them.
  • She believed in herself the whole way, and she wasn’t ashamed of who she really was.
  • She ignored what others had thought of her, and carried on with her life, whatsoever.
  • She was her own character, and no matter how everyone was the same person, she chose to become herself... her own inspiration.
  • She was strong on her own.
How Mina showed it in the text:
  • Getting bullied.
  • Being hated on.
  • Teachers hating on her.
  • When she had no friends.
  • When no one wanted to be around her.
  • Everyone pretended she wasn’t even around them.
Getting Bullied-
Though she was bullied, she was strong and still carried on with her, own unique character. By ignoring her school people, because all the people at school were bothering her.
Being Hated On-
She ignored what others had in mind about herself, and she didn’t care how much people disliked her, she carried on as herself with no shame.
Teachers Hating On Her-
She was her own person, even though everyone had many things in common, she believed she didn't have to change herself, to be impressive towards others.
When She Had No Friends-
She believed in herself the whole way, no matter how much she was hated on. She didn’t let having no friends stand in the way of her education.
When No One Wanted To Be Around Her-
She was strong on her own, no matter how everyone hated her, and disliked the kind of person she was! She decided to ignore but though she cared at times, she decided to focus on what’s more important her education, and her learning.