Sunday, 23 April 2017

Maths - Reflection

IALT: reflect on part of the Maths task I completed with my peer(s)!

Today I worked with Leilani more on our Maths task. With ALL problems given we had to solve them using all 4 operations.. which mean from Subtraction, Multiplication, Addition all the way to Division. This challenged my knowledge because I wasn't sure about a majority of the the problems but after working with Leilani I was able to understand her point, and from her perspective I was able to create my own. We worked on 5-6 different problems, and I'm here to ask for you feedback on some of the problems that are still unsolved.

After working on this task it has helped me realize when you get another's perspective it can help you in a lot of different area's and ways. I also realized maybe next time when I'm stuck I can get not only 1 perspective from my peers but a majority of them (2-3).

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Here is our Maths:

  1. Ari was ordering 4 tickets for a concert .He multiplied the ticket price payed by four and added on the Booking Fee of $6.He got $70.How much did one ticket cost?
Answer: $14 because 6 x 4 = 24 and 24 - 70 = 46

46 ÷ 4 = 14 so one ticket is $14

2. Sam bought Three Identical watches.He paid a total of $90.The watch had a $5 discount.How much was each watch before the discount was taken off?
Answer:30 because the question says how much was each watch before the discount was taken off

3. Indira bought 85 meters of ribbon to sew around the bottom of the dance skirts.She used 13m for her own skirt.
Six girls in her dance class shared the rest equally.
What length of ribbon did the each get?
Answer: 12 meters because 85 - 13 = 72  and 72 ÷ 6 equals 12. I took 13 away from the 85 because Indira used it which left us with 72.

4.  Petra works in a bakery.
It takes 26 minutes to make a batch of scone and 39 minutes to make 4 plates of filled rolls.How long will it take for Petra to make 4 batches of scones and 16 plates of filled rolls?
Answer: It will take petrea 104 minutes to make 4 batches of scones because if it takes her 26 minutes to make one you write 26 x 4 because you want 4 batches which equals 104.

It will take Petra 156 minutes to make 16 plates of because if she can make 4 plates of rolls in 39 minutes you multiply 39 by 4 because since 4 x 4 equals 16.Then you get the answer 156.

5. Hirini built some steps up the hill to the Marae. There were 96 steps all together. They went up in groups of six with the landing between. How many landings would their be if their was a landing at the bottom and the top? 16 x 6 = 96, 96 ÷ 6 = 16,

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Something that really challenged me was questions  with a whole lot of different numbers, from 17, to 5, and even 22. But after getting help to help ME more, I was able to lead them into my own words, my own perspective, and also my own personal understanding.

In maths, something I think I could improve on next time was not just getting one of my peers understandings, or perspectives but also my teachers, or peers and classmates from other classrooms.

What are your thoughts on our maths task? DO you have any feedback that can help us solve more of these types of problems, along with your own personal educational understandings?

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Cybersmarts - Reflection

IALT: reflect on Cybersmarts with Mrs Shearing

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If you had read my blog post, earlier last week you must have read about how every Tuesday morning, at 10.00AM Mrs Shearing who was from Manaiakalani organization.

Today we had to complete a presentation, in pairs of 2 filling out a presentation, filled with keyboard shortcuts. For example what is the keyboard shortcut, for opening a new tab, closing a tab, and re-opening a previous tab.

Today, we learnt that our class had a new site for 2017. In that site there are many different area's.. for example

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths
  • Inquiry
  • Technology
  • Cybersmarts
Working as partners, was given to us! But as I worked with Ana, another one of my peers... made me realise what I need to improve on as I learner.. for example working with a partner, had helped me realise what needs to be done, as in extending my vocabulary more, and looking for new ways and strategies, to progress my learning. 

Some that was challenging for me, was finding some keyboard shortcuts that I didn't know the answer to. Until taking responsibility for my learning, and researching about it in the omnibox, finding the answer, and therefore taking responsibility for my learning.   

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I have tried my best in completing this task to the best of my ability. If you have helpful positive, thoughts that occurs to your brain/head/mind, that you think could help me improve more on Cybersmarts/Blogging...

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Basetball Reflection

IALT: improve on my shooting skills, dribbling skills, and running skills in basketball.

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In this lesson, was our last lesson.. and honestly it was the best lesson (in my opinion). Therefore this lesson wasn't perfect I still had some challenges! So today we played to different games... "The Golden Child" which you may be familiar with if you have read my further "Kiwi Sport Reflections", and also "Sideline Basketball"! Sideline basketball is a game of 2 teams standing opposite each other, when a number is called for example "3", 3 players from each team would run before the basketball hoop, run towards the center of the basketball court grab the ball and go for gold. Our 2 team names were the same 2 for "The Golden Child" which was "Mene" & "Cavs"! I was in the team of the "Menes", which I hope to find the definition and reason for naming our team that! Because I have no idea why?! Anyways view and read my reflection below this text... Here it goes!

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In this lesson what I found a real struggle, was shooting! When we played "The Golden Child", the most part of the game was to aim, shoot and score! But.. For some reason this was my least favouirte game, mainly because when I shoot at times I don't get it in, and my peers or team are never there to give me the surrport I need! When I miss a shot it's mainly "Ohh Gosh Man", or "Why are you even playing?", but it wasn't as bad this time I was able to take the heat as I saw some people having great frustration when losing came along. In the long run I hope to see this not as a struggle, but a goal for not only me but also my peers! The one thing I really enjoyed, and admired about this lesson was the teamwork, and participation! Though some people were being really negative about losing when they were able to block those negative thoughts, and feelings out the  teams we played in seemed much more fun than before! Firstly, everyone got the ball, Secondly I was able to enjoy myself, and lastly not only did we have fun as a class but we learnt more about this sport at the same time!  But if I had to be honest about my own personal dislikes of this lesson it would have to be the fact that some people in the team let their eager and love for playing basketball, get in the way of sharing the ball, and including others in the team! But some also just decided to share the ball between their gender, because the oppsite gender wasn't good enough?! But as I said before I hop to turn this from a dislike, to an "achieving" or "achieving goal"!  Personally, my own personal feelings and thoughts on this lesson was that this lesson brought those who thought boys are better than girls, or girls are better than boys to play as one! Though, we didn't just have a good time but we were also able to develop and see for ourselves the skills our peers have in the sport! So.. I hope whatever our next sport for "Kiwisport " it can bring us just as close in sports, skills, and recognizing your peers likes and dislikes of the sport! Because basketball has done it for me, and room 9!

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What are thoughts on this article?
How do you think I can improve on the things I think I need to improve on, and how do you think I can turn those dislikes into likes?

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