Wednesday, 23 August 2017

πŸ•‘ 'Modern' Hobbies Changing Overtime πŸ•‘

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IALT: explain a modern hobby or hobbies that have changed over time.

I researched modern hobbies and found 2 that have changed overtime. I created 2 DLO's of how Painting and Calligraphy has changed over time. 

With Calligraphy I wasn't so familiar with it but then after using 'common sense' in order to ask Google, I was able to find out that Calligraphy is different brushes used to design lettering. 

When you think of painting you think of paint, and plane piece of paper. But in comparing painting in the olden days to these days, a huge difference and a huge change has been noticed. 

The fun part of this task was learning about something new. What I learnt was what Calligraphy was. When I first saw the world I was confused, and it was word I was very unfamiliar with.. So I researched about it, read abut it, and wrote about it. It helped for me to have a much clearer 

My next steps in learning.. Is to identify what type of modern hobbies people would choose. For example if people to were either have a decision in painting nowadays, or in the modern days which would they choose, and Why?

Which would you prefer? Modern Hobbies or the change in those hobbies?

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