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🍃The New Zealander Richie Mccaw - Winter Learning Journey 🍃

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IALT: write facts about an New Zealander (Richie Mccaw).

So the next task in my winter learning journey was to write about any New Zealander of my choice. I tried to pick someone that I don't actually write about so I went onto Google, and did some reasearch. In the end my final option was Richie Mccaw. But it wasn't easy I had a lot of people to take into consideration on who I would be writing about but I trusted my instinct. The reason why I don't often write about Richie Mccaw is because I can see by his main interests we don't have a lot in common. For example RIchie Mccaw was known around the world as an former Rugby player of the All Blacks Rugby team. But, with growing much older in life comes doing things I might not even like myself. With learning about a Growth Mindset I've decided to challenge myself in getting to know sports, or other things I don't find interesting! So by reading the DLO I have created you will find images, facts, and also where the location of the birth of RIchie Mccaw was. 

While being in the process of completing this task, I had to come across challenges. In my view the most difficult part of this task was completing the work and besides that what I could have with the superstar himself. Overall, I found that one thing we have in common is the determination of leading a team, and the passion in doing that you love. By saying this I mean with doing something I love I always try my best in completing what is given for me to lead or participate in.

Who is your favouirte New Zealander? & Why?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view, read, and use in the future as I continue, to blog more about my learning journey.

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cherise said...

You have done so amazing on this journey and also done so much.
My fav New Zealander would probs have to be Kj Apa - Kj Apa is a actor who has been in Riverdale, A Dogs Purpose and so on.
Nice work

Losana said...

Thanks Cherise,
I look forward in getting along with you in relation to both our education. But I hope to get a proper introduction from you?
- Losana

Losana said...
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Nicky Bloy said...

Hi Losana!

This is a great DLO about Richie Mccaw! I love that you have reflected on why he is your favourite and told us how you can relate to him!

Have you seen the movie about him called "Chasing Great"? It's a really inspirational movie about his life and his hard work in becoming who he is now. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out as I'm sure you'll love it!

My favourite famous Kiwi is actually Richie Mccaw too! I love that he comes from simple, humble beginnings and is just a normal guy. However, he is a normal guy who had great aspirations, great talent, the right attitude, and worked hard for what he wanted to achieve... And so he is someone I aspire to be like in my own life!

Again, great work!

Nicky :)

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