Monday, 3 July 2017

🍬Sugar Research - Ana & Losana 🍬

IALT: research interesting facts based around Sugar.

As a part of completing the Sugar project for the Food Tasting night, myself and Ana had to complete in doing some research around Sugar. With the area of this project being allocated to Ana and myself it required finding a lot info about Sugar we already knew! So that's when we decided to let Google come in...

We found a lot of interesting facts or sugar in relation to how it started off in some countries.. the different types of sugars and much more information!

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Here are our facts....
  • When sugar was first introduced to England they grouped sugar under spices such as.. Ginger, Cinnamon, & other spices.
  • In the 13th Century in Europe sugar was to cool, and expensive for those average livers, the price of Sugar went up to Royalty's price only.
  • America consumes 130 pounds minimum of sugar a year!
  • By subtracting sugar in a everyday average diet in America would be subtracting 500 calories daily.
  • Different Types Of Sugar - Glucose, Lactose, Fructose, Sucrose, Galactose, Maltose!
We want to find factual information that will engage more readers, and direct them into the Sugar area. We also don't want to over do it or that will draw people's attention away so we would like to keep it simple but engaging at the same time.

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My next steps in learning is to.. put these facts in place by directing them where to be placed on the right hand side of this project. I would also like to get around in taking original photo's to match this content, or to just use images online.

A challenge I found was putting these facts into my own words. While reading factual information I found it hard to define the words, but after using Social Network, I was able to put the original definition of that word in my own words.

What are your thoughts on this?

Please leave a comment down below, and I look forward in viewing and using your comments in my future ongoing blog posts.

Many Thanks....


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