Sunday, 9 July 2017

๐Ÿšด‍♀️ Otago Centre Rail Trail - Winter Learning Journey ๐Ÿšด‍♀️

IALT: reflect and think about whether I would like to bike around the Otago Centre Rail Trail and why?!

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Imagine biking a 150km trail in a place you were unfamiliar with? For me, I would see this opportunity as a chance to view more places in the specific area, and also a chance for me t stay active, fit, and healthy at the same time. So with this task, in deciding if I would want to bike or not around this 150km trail, after viewing all the possibilities that could happen in saying yes or no, I found I could gain more in education, and positive chances for the future in saying YES. To find out more on the reasons I would choose to bike this keep reading..!!!

Also with this sounding very exciting, and FUN I have tried to the best of my ability in completing the task given!

My next learning steps with this journey is to research about the negative chances that could happen. By doing this it will help me realise how safe the Otago Centre Rail Trail is, or how steady the traffic is around this area? With me I am a female who gets very worried in a place unfamiliar with. Anything can happen from all the positive possibilities, to the negative possibilities so as a goal before going somewhere, I am very unfamiliar with I will do the best in my ability in researching the positive and negative consequences that could happen!

The main challenge I found was thinking about what I can get out of biking a 150 km track? But then after thinking about Fitness in school, along with this I've realised I can gain a lot more like for example exercise, and a healthier body!

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What else do you think I can get out of biking a 150 km track?

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Muchly Appreciated,
Your Blogger Losana,


cherise said...

Hi Losana
Woww I am so amazed by you activities you have done, you sound like a very advanced student
Keep it up

Nicky Bloy said...

Hello Losana!

I love that when thinking about whether you will do the trail or not, you considered all perspective, like whether you'd enjoy it or not, how it might be helpful for you, and even what might go wrong. It shows us that you've taken the time to look into it and make a thoughtful decision. Nice job!

Nicky :)

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