Tuesday, 4 July 2017

📝Blog Commenting @ Ana's Blog 📝

IALT: comment helpful thoughts, and feedforward on my peers blog.

Today I commented on Ana's blog. The blog post I decided to comment on was a blog post about her Fitness reflection. As I was reading I found everything I was looking for such as...
  • Learning Intention
  • Goal
  • Challenges
And much much more. 

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I couldn't spot anything I would have changed or added, if anything the main thing I found was important things I think she needed to be praised on! Maybe, I wasn't able to find anything to give her feedback on but maybe you will so in order for you to view the blog post I commented on to leave Ana some feedback click HERE, to guide you onto Ana's blog.

My main goal in blog commenting on Ana's blog was to spot more of the feedforward than the feedback. Usually when I am blog comment I tend to always find things they could have improved on, but in this blog post not only was my goal achieved but I was able to only identify the good things she did!

My next steps in blog commenting is to tend to comment more on not only my Quad Blogging buddies from other schools, but to also keep track of commenting on my peers, and friends blog from my own school!

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What are your thoughts on this?

Please leave a comment down below, and I look forward in viewing your future comments, feedback, and feedforward!

Many Thanks!


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