Wednesday, 26 July 2017

❔Useful OR Useless Hobbies? ❔

IALT: identify the main points in the article.

This was our reading task. To read an article.. answer a few questions, and to also put it into entertaining form for our viewers, or audience members to view.

What is your hobby? And will it ever get you somewhere in life? Hmm? I wonder what the different types of hobbies are that people have! For Term 3 our inquiry topic is hobbies! Heaps and heaps of hobbies. So after reading an article around the area's of different types of hobbies I was then given a task to explain what it means using questions given. (Why, Where, Who, and How?) So instead of just answering each question individually I decided to create a form of Google Drawings to answer all the questions in one. As you read this DLO you will find answers to all the questions given. For example you will find that I have answered what I think the main point(s) are from the article, and also how it relates to me?

The most difficult  part of this task I found that was struggle ws finding a way to put those one word questions (Why, How..) into an actual question with several words. For example instead of Why, it would be why do we need a useful hobby? Or instead of How? It would be how do we find a useful hobby?  The most enjoyable part of this task for me was putting this all into one and all into form. 

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Next time I hope to improve on relating it more to myself. Putting my thoughts into action and perspective (if possible).

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