Monday, 10 July 2017

📝Winter Learning Journey - Accomplished 📝

IALT: reflect on how I have completed the Winter Learning Journey!

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Woohooo!! Yet again I have accomplished another goal of mine. Before beginning the first task given I set myself a goal. My goal was to complete all the tasks to the best of ability and understanding, along with completing the tasks in the time frame given. The Winter Learning Journey Program was only introduced to me a few days ago (When school was still on), and started on Saturday 8th of July, which was officially the beginning of the school holidays (For 2 weeks). With me being so eager to get into this program, I found even with a busy couple of days I was able to put my spear time into use. By saying I mean I was able to complete every task on the list in only 2-3 days. Now, some readers may be thinking.. "Are they even quality blog posts", or "I'm sure this was rushed work", well judge all you want, but at least read my work, look for the mistakes and by finding mistakes and leaving feedback it will help me in achieving, and reaching more in my blogging goals.

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Honestly, at times there were tasks where I struggled, and when I was stress free.. but with the support of my family members, and friends I was able to push out all the negativity and focus on all the positives. With my struggles, difficulties, or challenges I think the one thing that really helped me get through all those things were reflecting on how I've come, or how far I have yet to come when it came to times I just wanted to give. In this task it wasn't all positive thoughts than were running through my head, at times I thought I just wasn't worthy enough in completing tasks so I wanted to give up, but with looking back at all the my past achievements, and my future goals I was able to find another way in coping with my doubts, and negativity.

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In achieving a goal, I have set another one. Though there are so many days in the holidays left I want to learn more, share more, and also blog more. So my next goal is to find new tasks in relation to the Winter Learning Journey, not only to share my knowledge, and to help inform others about interesting things, but to also earn points under my name as a contestant. And with doing this I hope to find that I complete as much as I can, and by doing that I may even find myself in completing my goal in reaching 1st place for my school. Ohh Yeah, with what I mean is for each school, (Holiday Bloggers) there are 3 top bloggers who are awarded with prizes. First place, Second place, and Third place.. my main goal is to reach First place but who knows?

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What has this Winter Learning Journey helped me realise?

With this education journey I've been able to realise that, if I put my mind into doing something that seems impossible, in reality it may not seem as impossible. An example of this is where I put my mind into completing a lot of activities in a small amount of time as I have mentioned above this content.

After hearing about my reflection would you like to join the Winter Learning Journey? Why? OR Why not?

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Please leave a comment down below for me to view, read, and use in the future, as I shall continue in blogging and informing my viewers, and readers about my learning.

Deeply Appreciated,
- Your Blogger Losana...


Willy L. said...

Hi Losana,

I want to congratulate you on your completion of the Winter Learning Journey programme. Yes, there is a lot of time to spare in the holidays, and I admire your eagerness and enthusiasm to blog more and learn more. That's the spirit!

I see that you are already making positive and encouraging comments to your peers, and that's excellent. For each encouraging and positive comment you get 2 extra points added to your total score - this will surely guarantee a spot in winning!


Losana said...

Thank you for the confidence boost, and the blogging boost. I look forward in seeing what I can do..

- Losana

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