Monday, 3 July 2017

❔What am I grateful for? - Free Writing❔

IALT: deeply reflect on my 3 choices of what I am grateful for!

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Today in free writing, usually we would only have 30 minutes (half an hour) of writing, but due to Kiwisport we've been given 1 hour of free writing. Miss Komor, gave us 1 topic which was to write about What we are grateful for. To successfully complete this task in writing about this we had to use the S.E.E structure which as an reminder stand for...
  • S - Statement
  • E - Explanation
  • E - Example
We had to choose 3 different topics! With myself, I choose to write about how I am grateful for Jesus crucifying himself, the family I currently have, and the shelter or home I am living in. But it wasn't easy thinking about what I am grateful for, so I began to think about my past! For example I thought church and the relations somethings have to church! Which is how I came up with Jesus! With my family I thought about what I did at home with my family, and therefore it was a 2 in 1 idea.

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Here is my free writing on what I am grateful for!

The difficulties I found in completing this task was keeping the statement, explanation, and example separate from each other. At times I got carried away and in getting carried away I tend to write more and I tend to combine then into one! But after deeply thinking and reading through and in between the lines I have written, I was able to find where I went off task, and I was able to fix the mistakes I had made.

The most enjoyable part of this task was how I was able to quickly find an example. And surprisingly the examples that I had came up were real life events! 

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If I were to set a goal for next time, it would have to be practicing in completing the S.E.E structure using different topics, so I can get more familiar with the structure, and for me to use it correctly in my future work that relates to the S.E.E structure.

Have you ever used the S.E.E  structure? What was your main difficulties?  Why?

Please leave a comment own below and I look forward in using your feedback, and viewing your feedforward!

Many Thanks.... ๐Ÿ˜


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