Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Welcome Back - Term 4

IALT: get myself back into the routine of school!

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Yesterday, was known as the first day of Term 4, 2017. This is known as the last term of this year before the year 8's (including myself), is set off to college. Through the holiday I've been thinking... About what I would like out of this term. As I always set a new personal goal every term, this term it is being done differently. My goal is to contribute a positive change to help make Tamaki Primary School a better safe in the community. 

What do I look forward to other than all these trips for this term, spending time with my teachers and developing more positivity for me to take to college. Personally, I don't want to leave. It was a only a clear memory like it was yesterday I was so eager to get out of here, but yet I regret saying that. 

I look forward to getting on with this term and committing a positive change every now and then. Hmmm, onto my holidays..

My holidays were entertaining but I have to admit that I did miss school a bit. This term I will be representing the school as an ambassador, as it is planned (maybe), which means I have to commit in putting in 110% into my work.

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From reading my past tense, and this current blog post what would you think my next goal SHOULD be before leaving to college?

Please leave a comment down below as I continue to strive in the path of success.

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