Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Adding That Extra 'E' - Writing

IALT: explain in all 3 statements how the statement effects me. (Adding that extra 'E')

So last week, I missed the writing session about the extra 'E' we added on the S.E.E structure. Instead of 2 "E's" it has now changed into 3. For those of you, who's understanding isn't as fond this below should for you to understand better.

  • S - Statement
  • E - Explanation
  • E - Example
  • E - Effect
As you can see the last 'E' added stands for Effect. After stating your statement, explaining your statement, setting up an example to back up your statement, you then move on to the effect it has or may have on you. 

As I blogged about before... I completed my explanation writing on a place of 'Whanaungatanga' in the community. However, I completed the S.E.E structure, not the S.E.E.E structure. See the differences? So I got work in explaining how it may or may has had an effect on me. 

Take a look. Though I am still looking for feedback and feedforward on how I can improve, as it was my first time writing with an extra 'E' (Effect).

 Below is the my explanation writing with the explanation template which guided me in completing this.

This will start with HOW... or WHY...
The mansion of our prayers.
What are you going to explain?  How will you hook the reader in?
A place to praise his name, pray for our sins, and thank him for all. “Church” within our community is a place of safety, a place of Jesus, and a place of peace. A place of freedom and wisdom. Where building relationships begin, and where faith, hope and understanding is created.
Paragraph One
What is your first statement or main point? (S.E.E.E)
A ‘church’ is where building relationships begin.

In finding people who agree and disagree with your perspective on things will help you understand. Will help for you to discuss deeper things than to just agree or disagree. It is where building relationships with others begin.

For example in discussing different things in relation to ‘church’ will help for you to exchange perspectives and building more relationships as the conversation digs deeper than expected.

This takes a huge effect on me in every way. Not only do I exchange idea’s and thoughts with others… but I also understand the thoughts of others which I believe shall help for me to.. Understand things clearer and better. In building more relationships through discussions and conversations in different ways has personally helped for me to identify things I wasn’t able to dig deep enough to find.
Paragraph Two
What is your second statement or main point? (S.E.E.E)
In my perspective he is praised for his miracles.

He was able to feed the poor, help the helpless, and transform things never done before! Not only making history for his own fame and fortune, but for the sake of others.

For example, turning water into wine.. Crucifying himself for us, up to this day, and walking upon water. Throughout all these miracles created by himself we thank him for the lives saved, and for the love shown and given by him.

How does this affect me, while it affects me through my beliefs and understandings. Through reading more, and discovering it helps for me to share and expand more on my knowledge so far on his miracles. Through information and stories passed down through the bible and my elders/ancestors.
Paragraph Three
What is your third statement or main point? (S.E.E.E)
Learning and identifying more about the bible.

Building relationships with people in the bible. Though they maybe gone, in believing and thanking them for the stories recorded on the bible will help for you to identity and have a clear understanding on what your personal thoughts are on this character.

For example in reading a bible verse may help for you to identify why, how, and what type of human being they were then. In skimming and scanning through quick info to find and to dig deeper will also help for you to find not only hidden information but more of your own thoughts.

By learning more can effect my knowledge and thoughts on the bible. Perspectives may change and agreements and disagreements may change. Through the bible, my peers and other relationships currently building, and built within the church.
The conclusion sums up all the ideas and repeats a key message to end.  This could be a recommendation or a personal connection.
Through my personal experience with the church and my knowledge and personal beliefs of the church.. I’ve found it as a place that I can feel safe and I can trust him with it. Through my explaining my problems and seeking for his help. I have built relationship within people from my church. In beliefs, agreements, and disagreements it helps for us to properly understand what we and the difference between what I and my peers think.

What are your thoughts on this?

As I said above I am still looking for feedback and feedforward on different ways how I may improve on my work. Do please feel free to leave a comment!

Muchly Appreciated.


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