Friday, 20 October 2017

Explanation Writing - The Mansion Of Our Prayers

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IALT: write a piece of explanation text based on an important place in the community.

So for writing my task was to write an piece of explanation text about an important place to me around our community. The location/place was easy I straight away knew. 'Church'. My first step was to plan a eye-catching and interesting title. From there I would plan my first, second and third statement. Moving forward I would begin to write my conclusion, and once all was complete I would then re-edit and go through my text to find errors, and mistakes.

I have successfully been able to complete all of these steps, leading to even putting it on a proper bloggable DLO to share to the world using my learning blog.

One thing I enjoyed in this task was writing about how the church relates to me, and what I do. For example in the explanation text it talks about how I attend church in order to praise and to pray for him. Thank him for all the glory and all the mircales hes left upon us today.

My next steps are to get feedback and feedforward from my peers, teachers, viewers and readers of this very blog post.. to help me improve on my explanation writing.

What are your thoughts on my explanation text?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view in the future as I begin to strive further and further more. I look forward to viewing, reading, and taking in the feedback you've published.

Muchly Appreciated,


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