Friday, 20 October 2017

Kiwi Can Jam!!!

IALT: reflect on Kiwi Can Jam!

So in less than 2 weeks 10 participants from Tamaki Primary will be on their way to represent our school in a Kiwi Can event known as 'Kiwi Can Jam'. I, myself is involved with this as a contribution to the 3 main singers and the last part of the dance. We've been practicing since last term. Yes we sound like obsessed freaks, but its all about giving 100%. I've honestly enjoyed and is looking forward to keep enjoying time with the dancers, and singers as we keep practicing and looking forward in the future.

10 participants in the Kiwi Can Jam!
  • Losana (Me)
  • Ana
  • Akanesi
  • Helen
  • Faith
  • Edith
  • Falakika
  • Leilani
  • Monita
  • Alo

With where we are at the moment in regards to our performance, everything is done. From the song and the singers through to the dance and the dancers. Our next step is basic. It's simply to perfect our dance. We are fully looking forward to this event because not only will we be able to share what we've learnt from Kiwi Can, but also the creations and the knowledge of others. 

Though there will be placings through too, 1st and 3rd... Miss Lily (Kiwi Can Teacher) gave us that brief, strong message just saying, it's all about having fun. Focus on the performance and the experince your going through.. and not to focus on the placing so much.

As a singer apart of the 3 singers, the song being sung.. well part of the song being sung (due to the time limit of our performance) is a song by.. 'Sound of blackness - Hold on'.

I do believe Tamaki can make the top 3 but that will only happen if we have the determination to give it our all, and go for gold!

Please leave a comment below and I look forward to viewing your feedback and feedforward in the comment section.

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