Thursday, 26 October 2017

Fitness - Reflection

IALT: pace myself.

So today for fitness we were one teacher short (Kelly). She wasn't able to be with us for fitness so we did 2 laps around the bike track, and 2 stations with Miss Komor, and Miss Kyla.

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Now to the bike track laps... When we were running some were running at their hardest, while others seemed drained out already. Myself, Frances, Ana and Akanesi, were still at the beginning of the bike track, but by the time we looked over some of our peers already over half way. 1st lap was done, and I was still up. 2nd lap done, and we made it. We got back cheering on the rest of our peers making there way to the finish line. 

1st station was all about squats and step ups. I think most of my peers were still a little bit tired from the 2 laps they weren't able to keep energised which was understandable. Though I could tell everyone was still trying there best to keep an open mindset.

2nd station, walking lunges and plank holds. That just made my thighs hurt. I tried my best to keep going but I found it hard knowing I was a little tired. So yes I did stop with another one of my peers Frances. It was only about time that Miss Komor noticed and made us stay longer to successfully complete the plank hold like everyone else.

We were done.. and we were on our way to class. Some of my fellow students approached the tap to have a drink before leaving to class.

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Next time I hope to keep steady, and set a pace where I am able to keep consistently moving.

My next steps in fitness is to encourage my peers to keep going rather than to give up, and stop. I hope what happened today with the second station doesn't happen again. As a leader I would like to set a positive example, and help to keep my peers mindset to be open to doing and trying new things.

What was my biggest challenge in todays fitness session, well that was quite simple. Keeping active. I had the energy to stay up but I personally choose to give up due to my mood, feelings and emotions. However, I had realised that letting my personal and educational emotions and feelings get in the way of my fitness isn't always the best choice.  

What are your thoughts on how I should improve more on fitness, and why?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view, and use in the future.

Muchly Appreciated.


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