Monday, 13 November 2017

Rugby League World Cup - Tonga VS Kiwis

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IALT: reflect on the victory of Tonga against the Kiwis.

History was created the night Tonga had beaten the Kiwis with the score of 28-22 to become the first tier-two rugby league nation in history to defeat a tier-one nation. It was a tremendous comeback when at half time the scare was.. 16-2. A lot of people lost their faith in the 'Mate Ma'a Tonga' team.. while others still held it in! The Kiwis looked in control at half time but Tonga dominated the the second half, scoring four quick tries with the help of their speedy players, and quick hands. Because of the win the result has huge ramifications for the tournament. Tonga will head to Christchurch for their quarter-final, while the Kiwis will look to bounce back next week in Wellington, likely against Lebanon. They will also likely need to topple Australia in the semi-finals.
Personally, I'm not the type of girl to be into sports and all.. but in coming from a huge hearted nation, and in being a Tongan I am proud to say the team that won and played full HEART, was the team who represented who I am, and where I come from.
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Honestly.. I wish them all the best. Though my biggest challenge was understanding the game as I watched it with family members. It was confusing to see all these numbers and different sayings.. but with the help of my family I was able to figure out what it meant.
As a goal for the next game, I want to learn the game and understand it. I want to have the ability to understand EVERYTHING without any confusion. I hope the 'MATE MA'A TONGA' team continue to succeed in their future games.
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