Monday, 20 November 2017

Nanji the Elephant! - Should she be moved?

IALT: explain whether I do or do not think Nanji the Elephant should or should not be moved to New Zealand.

After reading the task given I was thinking about how if Nanji was moved some people, would just probably use her for the money she attracts, and others might want her for her intelligence and reputation. However, I can see in reading that paragraph about Nanji, she is in a stable, safe, and a place where she can feel herself. I believe that if she is moved into an unfamiliar territory/location, it could change how she does things. For example.. how she normally acts, and it could change her eating and daily routine.

Nanji, sounds like a very rare elephant of her species. She sounds as if she is the type of elephant who can express who she is.. and her feelings. Her actions and her movement kind of speak her mind.. which I find interesting and really, really, AWESOME!

Honestly, I don't think I was able to find any challenges in this task. It was basically asking me to simply speak my mind of this very topic which I find as a strength personally. I can speak my mind, honestly and straight forward. 

My next steps are to pair up with another of my peers to view and read their perspective. And to also try and understand what their point is why, and define their perspective in my own words.

What I liked the most is how I was able to speak my mind in relation to this matter. It was fun and interesting to me how I was able to read in between the paragraph given about Nanji...

What are your thougts on Nanji the elephant?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view.

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