Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Blog Commenting

IALT: leave positive and helpful comments on my peers blogs.

In being a consistently positive, and helpful peer.. along with friend I believe I should comment on my peers blog giving them both of the feedback and feedforward I can give, and they can take.

I decided to comment on one of my classroom peers blog (Willow). He only just started his blog a few ago when he entered Tamaki Primary as a year 8 student. 


As you can see he has accidentally overlapped his image by editing the image size of this particular image to large, other than to small or medium.


I tried my best to include feedback and feedforward. I do hope I left him some a positive comment and I hope he continues to keep blogging and striving to achievements.

My biggest challenge was finding the words to explain my feedback/feedforward. His blog post was all about being positive, and positively reflecting on what happened during. But I do wish for him to re-read, and double check.. and maybe even specify his blog posts more.

My next steps in blog commenting is for me.. to give him advice in order for him to strive further in success, and in succeeding.

How do you think you can help me and Willow in our individual blogs?

Please leave a comment down below.

Muchly Appreciated.


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