Monday, 6 November 2017

Tūrangawaewae - What I learnt

IALT: reflect and create a DLO of learnings on Tūrangawaewae.

So today in the last block, before ending a day off, we went through a presentation talking and defining Tūrangawaewae. At first we asked to give our predictions on it, and it was very difficult for me and my peers (who were around me at the time).

Anyways, after going through the presentation fully, I was able to develop some type of knowledge of Tūrangawaewae. But instead of boringly listing down my idea's our task was to create some sort of DLO to show what we learnt after the lesson which is exactly what I did.

But before we had to complete the task we had to answer some questions on our ancestors and our parents. All about where we/they were born and all those.. Take a look below.

One thing I enjoyed was learning something new, and creating and sharing with the world what I had learnt in a different and fun way.

One thing I found difficult was predicting my definition of the word at first. But with the help and support of my peers I found it easier to give it a go.

Something I hope to achieve in the future is to.. develop and learn more about this amazing topic.

Have you ever wondered about if you would go back in time to experince the experince your past ancestors, relatives, and family members did? (E.g, Mum, Dad, Grandparents..)

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