Monday, 20 November 2017

The KWL Chart - Zoo

IALT: explain what we know, and what to know about Zoo's!

Before heading off to the Zoo we were given a presentation full of different tasks in relation to the Zoo to complete. Our first activity given to complete a KWL chart. Well basically just the K&W part. But just to be specific we just has to fill in what we know, and what we want to know. With the last section which was the what we learnt during our trip to the Zoo.. which I wouldn't know because we haven't experienced it yet. But stay tuned after our trip to the Zoo to view what I learnt. Anyways.. I tried my best to explain my current knowledge, and my knowledge on what I would like to learn while our time at the Zoo.

As you can see my knowledge I don't know much about the Zoo, but yet I have many wonderings and questions on what I want to learn! Honestly I believe going to the Zoo will help my knowledge of animals, and the Zoo itself to grow more. 

My goal for when I come back for my attendance to the Auckland Zoo is to have the last column (What we learnt) in the KWL chart to be full with my all my new knowledge on what I had learnt.

During this task I found it hard to explain my current knowledge. Because of how little my knowledge on the Auckland Zoo is it was hard for me to explain what I knew, which was very few idea's. Until moving onto the 2nd column which was easy to fill out what I want to learn.

Something I enjoyed was having the ability to explain what I want out of attending the Zoo, along with the educational activity already planned.

If you were to attend the Auckland Zoo, what would your KWL chart look like?

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