Wednesday, 15 November 2017

House Meetings - Reflection

IALT: reflect on the House Meeting we had with Benghazi.
It was 2.15 and yet again, another House Meeting struck. It was time for all the team members of..
  • Alamein
  • Benghazi
  • Tobruk
  • Tripoli
To make their ways to their classes to begin one of the lasts house meetings before Friday.. ATHLETICS DAY! 

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Entering the phone (as a leader of chants), I saw all these eyes and I was ready to get teaching and chanting. We started off with some old chants, but to mix things up we decided to stir those old chants with some new ones.... and with also adding actions. 


It was that it was going towards the middle of the day when somehow another house's chanting got louder and when we had a peek outside we were able to see they were making there way outside and approaching our classroom. Then we knew they were targeting and aiming us.. we walked straight out and the chant off began! We chanted one by one, together (different chants though,).. and before knowing it Tripoli came out. We were able to chant with them too... but somehow I don't think I was able to recognise Alamein. It felt as if it was just us (Tripoli, Tobruk & Benghazi). But before the bell rang Miss Aireen stopped everything to thank us, and compliment us on the hard work we've put to our chants... and dismiss everyone to leave as the bell rang.. 

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Personally, house meetings were AWESOME! Forget about the little minor problems with listening, and paying attention but the main aim of the house meetings was for us to learn and chant our hearts off and I deeply believe that was achieved within the house of Benghazi.

My biggest challenge was getting everyone's attention. Because there was only a few leaders.. when the rest of the group were goofing off.. it was sometimes too hard to grab their attention.

My next steps is to make sure everyones particapating.. and contributing. I also hope to achieve the goal of setting the right example for other students to follow as we teach and practice our chants.

What are your thoughts?

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Muchly Appreciated.


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