Monday, 20 November 2017

Backing up my opinion! - Evidence

IALT: back my opinion with evidence of the internet.

With this task it was all about finding information of the internet and online... to back up your personal opinion on whether you agreed or disagreed with the past task. With this task I used 2 of my opinions and screenshotted 2 different pieces of evidence to help back up my opinion.

As I researched more about information that may help to back up my current statements... I was able to find information on Google, leading links to further and deeper info on the topic.

Finding evidence was hard. I couldn't just read anything on the internet and screenshot and use it as evidence. I had to find relevant and relational information to my statement.

I believe that the most enjoyable part in completing this task was being able to see the connections of finding evidence to my current statements.

My next steps within this task is to go head to head with the statements and the evidence of the opposite team. Which I hope to see in a debate between the two.'

What ae your thoughts on how I can improve more within this task?

Please leave a comment down below. Also, please do ensure your comment includes relevant feedback and feedforward in relation to my work.

Muchly Appreciated,


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