Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Year 7&8 Kia Manawanui Zoo Trip

IALT: reflect on what I learnt while being at the Zoo.

Yesterday was the day of experiencing the Zoo. Not only did we see the different types of animals they're are but we also got a bit of education with it.

When we arrived at the Zoo we split up into our groups and explored the animals. When we were looking at the different types of animals at the Zoo, we also read a few facts about them... Which was able to be found around the area of the animal. We looked at animals such as..

  • Otters
  • Tiger
  • Lion
  • Flamingo
  • Elephant
  • Turtle
  • Cheetahs
  • Red Panda
  • Alligator
The experince of seeing them in real life reality was amazing. Not only that, but while being in the area of the Otters I was able to identify that the 2 otters were a male, and a female. The Zoo keeper told us, the way of recognising whether the Otter is a male or female. They say..the male Otter is a bit bigger than the female. When we saw them they were currently in the process of being fed. They were eating... Crab & Prawns. Zoo keepers say, not to touch or pat them as they're teeth are very sharp. 

With the educational part of the trip we were spilt into groups of 2 taken by 2 Zoo instructors. Miss Mcfarlane, which is a former teacher at Tamaki Primary, and Frazer another one of the Zoo instructors who works there. We got to touch real life Polar Bear skin, with fur of a real Lion... The experince was amazing! We looked images, and videos of Zoo's back in olden days and nowadays. We compared how much change has happened... Did you know back in the 1900's Zoo's aloud for children to be seated and ride the elephant! But nowadays we can't, because depending on the weight of people of the elephant may damage it's foot.. because elephants actually walk on their tip toe, which was another thing I learnt during our lesson.

My highlight of being at the Zoo learning about the Zoo and the how it's changed positively over the years. It helps for me to state my own opinion.. and share my belief.

During the trip my favouirte animal to have seen was the turtle, because I got to touch it's shell, which was very amazing! Feeling the shell of a creature who stars in most of my cultures Tapa Cloth was something I will value! 

But to end things of Miss Aireen created a short movie just to keep that memory in our head. 

If you were to attend the Zoo, what would be your favouirte animal and highlight and why?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view in the future. Also please do include feedback and feedforward in relation to my work.

Muchly Appreciated.


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