Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Careers - Reflection

IALT: reflect on what I learnt during the Careers lesson we had with Miss Aireen.

Today with the 2 hours we had in the middle block was the beginning of our first lesson with Miss Aireen on the next phase of Careers, which was Inquiry. With this lesson our main focus was the word 'Mauri'. Throughout this lesson was all about, defining the word, reading about the word, learning more about the word, and sharing your thoughts on the word itself. First we were shared a google presentation.. which showed us a brief story about Papatuanuku and Ranginui.

We then began to discuss and share with our peers and teacher what the story told us.. basically just a brief description/summary in our words defining what it means to us.

But anyways, we then began to move in the area of defining the word, and answering questions around the topic, along with creating different DLO's of the topic.



Honestly, my biggest challenge in completing this task had to be finding what my inner-Mauri is. And defining and understanding my own personal definition to the word itself.

My next steps with the next lesson we have is to.. explore more and deeper within my inner-Mauri, and explore more of the 'Maori World'...

What is your inner-Mauri? (Your place of belonging).

Please leave a comment down below for me to view & also, feedback and feedforward would be deeply appreciated.

Muchly Appreciated.


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