Monday, 20 November 2017

Kiwisport (Run, Jump, Throw)

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IALT: gain more knowledge on holding and throwing a shotput.

Yet again another day of Kiwi sports, and learning new things. Our session was simple.. we started of as always with a warm-up game, moving on to shot put activites with 2-3 people per group... then individually throwing a shotput.

Dodge ball Game - Warm Up

Our warm up game was Dodge ball. But Coach Allan, added a bit of a twist to it. Instead of being eliminated if the ball hit you, or if you tried to catch it and it dropped.. instead of being put out of the whole game you would have to join the oppsite team and then play for them.

During our warm-up I think the hardest part for the team I was in to throw the ball strongly. As it was a light ball and because f the little wind sometimes when the ball was thrown it would move a little more to the left or right then we were aiming for.

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Group Shot Put Practice

Our next task was to form a group of 3 people, position ourselves in a triangle and throw the ball like a shot put to one another. I was in a group of Ana, and Akanesi. When we formed ourselves in a triangle we were giving each other tips on where the Shot Put should be placed, how we should stand, and how to throw the ball. 

Personally, during this game/activity it was fun to see my peers were helping me out, and giving me tips on how the ball could move further and how I could improve better.

The Shot Put COMP!

Then we were to form ourselves in pairs of 2, line up against a line marked onto the field and use the technique, strength, and distance practice within the groups of 3 on the field. Some threw together and some threw at different individual shots. Coach Allan said himself he was looking for... the technique in a throw other than just the distance. With the first round Coach Allan crowned me as being the winner. He complimented the technique I used in my throw, and the distance it went. Which made me really feel good about myself.

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What I found the most fun was the fact I was able to have the growth mindset I had, and I was also having a good time, in learning something and particapating.

The most challenging part, for me was throwing the shot put. But next time my steps are for me to use the feedback and feedforward given by my peers and coach Allan to improve more on throwing shot puts further in the future.

How do you think I could improve throwing a shot put?

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Muchly Appreciated.


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