Monday, 20 November 2017

Should We Have Zoos? - My Opinion

IALT: explain my perspective on whether I believe we should or should not have Zoos.

Moving onto the 2nd task of the zoo presentation I was able to read an DLO creation explaining what they shared during their debate about whether we should or should not have Zoos. In reading both sides to this debate, I have to say they persuaded me in agreeing with their sides but overall, after thinking about my opinion personally on where I do or do not agree I was able to clearly come to the understanding of agreeing with yes we should have Zoos.

So in order to share with you what my thoughts are I created a Google Drawing explaining why! I have created this DLO in having the layout related to the main topic (zoo/animals), and tried my best in specifying my perspective.

My biggest challenge was agreeing or disagreeing between the 2. But I believe what helped me understand whether I agree or disagree was thinking about my personal perspective. 

My next steps while exploring the Zoo tomorrow are for me to.. gain more interest and perspective on my side of the debate. Look for things that may or may not help to change my mind, and explain to you my blog audience why or why not I wasn't able to change my mind.

What I wish to achieve in the future is to gain the perspective of my peers, classmates and teacher. With further learning on this particular topic I hope someday within this year our class could come together and debate and share with one another our thoughts on the current matter.

What are your thoughts?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view in the future, I hope to find and use your comments!

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