Friday, 10 November 2017

Year 8 Day @ Tamaki College

IALT: reflect on the experince I went through yesterday at Tamaki College.

As you may know yesterday was the day for the year 8's of Tamaki Primary to experince a real of College of Tamaki College. They provided lunch, and interval (Ahhhhhh, YUMMY!!). Anyways back to the educational part, we were given papers of our timetable. We were able to see and identify what we would be doing when, where, and with who!

So to reflect and present my work to you.. I created a Google Presentation showing and explaining a deep reflection explaining..

  • My Highlight
  • What I learnt
  • What I learnt about
And much much more. 

After experiencing a day of real life College.. everything bigger, better and a huge step towards your future. Honestly, this makes me wonder about whether I am happy, ecstatic, scared, or horried to attend College. This basically makes me wonder what's in store for me?!

I hope for my future to guide me to more success as the future comes by.
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My biggest fear of 'College Life'.. is tests, and exams. What if I fail under pressure, or break down during a test that is graded. I've been able to see that College life is a huge change. No chances no more, it's just one shot!

What are your thoughts?

Please leave a comment down below with your feedback and feedforward on how you think I could improve more on my learning and blogging.

Thanks for reading.. It's deeply appreciated!


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