Tuesday, 27 June 2017

📘Reading Buddies With Room 3 📘

IALT: reflect on how I was building relationships, and strengthening reading skills with room 3.

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As I have recently blogged about before, room 9 and room 3 have been collaboratively working as one for the past 2 days. By saying this I mean though we only have 15 minutes to find a buddy and read it depends the way you use those 15 minutes. Today I buddied up with a young male by the name of Boisi. Boisi and I read a book about a young man who lives with his single father and stays in a quiet house, but after his aunty, and 2 cousins staying over for 1 week everything changes. The house goes for spacey to squashed up, it goes from silent to noise, and Robbie which is the son has to wait in order to enter the bathroom! The aim of the 15 minutes we had was to read the book with the buddy, (3x max), ask them questions about the book, and give them the ability to answer questions related to the book! Myself and Boisi completed this task in the time frame given! But their was a few things we could work on next time. For example maybe bringing his read log next time in order for it to be signed proving he has read his book, in case of mixed up messages!

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If I had the chance with Boisi to re-do this whole thing I would give him a reminder of bringing his reading log, and also making sure he's practicing reading in his spare time even without me! & also making sure he can understand and ask questions about things he wasn't sure about... :)

My next steps in reading with room 3, is to make sure there not afraid to ask about things they aren't very certain about... and also making sure they understand the content or text they are reading. Lastly, making sure they have the ability to read or explain the book in their own words.

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Do you have any feedback or feedforward on this blog post?

Anyways, just feel free to drop by my comment section and leave some helpful advice, or comment for me to use next time!

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