Friday, 23 June 2017

🕯️Getting Congratulated! 🕯️

IAL: how to thank my peer Akanesi for congratulating me on my reaching 600 blog posts on her  blog.

I would like to take this time to give my own special, personal thanks to Akanesi as she had created 1 blog post all about how I had reached 600 blog posts! I've never had anyone create a blog post just about my achievements in school, which to me is really touching. As much as comments, and physical congrats, or congratulation this makes me feel really special, and I just wanted to let Akanesi know I am thankful, and much love and appreciation goes to you!

Here is the blog post Akanesi wrote to me and if you would like to view and comment for it yourself, please click HERE!

I admire this whole blog post, and also this loving and kind person who wrote this espically just to me! I can't wait to hear about your future achievements in your personal life, and educational! Once again thank you Akanesi recognizing mw reaching my 600th blog post, and writing about it to me. One day you will make it just a far as I have in life, or even further!

To all those views, and bloggers out there as a year 8 student I would like to strive to my goal of impressing not only my peers, and teachers, but also my family in my learning and in educating myself and others!

Thanks for viewing! 😉


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