Tuesday, 27 June 2017

💻Infographic - Quality Blog Post 💻

IALTL reflect on how I have just created a Infographic about a Quality blog post.

10.00AM today Miss Shearing came in for another Cybersmarts lesson with room 9. Not only did she come in with some more knowledge  on Cybersmarts but also a new task beside that. Have you ever heard of an Infographic? Well, that was part of our task! We had to use an Google Drive Application - Google Drawing in order to create an Infographic about an Quality Blog Post. You may find that we have been learning around a lot for Quality Blog Posts, but this task was espically engaging for me. At first I wasn't familiar with this so called.. Infographic task but after Miss Shearing had ran it through with us I had an certain image and idea in my head. The way Miss Shearing had described it was as if it was a poster filled with screenshots, images, and information of the topic given! So as Miss Shearing was speaking I began to slowly form an idea of how I imagined, and pictured what my Infographic would be pictured as. As I was planning Miss Shearing talked about how in this Infographic should have only 2 main colours. But with those 2 colours you could choose 4 different shades for both colours as in 2 shades for 1 colour!

Do you have any thoughts on how I can improve more on this so called Infographic?

If I were to this task differently in the future I would have to try and brainstorm more idea's related to the subjects I am currently learning in class. As in quality blogging about Maths, Reading, Writing, Inquiry, P.E and any more educational activities in outside the classroom! And from then relating them into this topic.

Something that challenged me to the best of my ability was having to research about what a Infographic is! But after using the understandings of myself, and my peers I was able to find what this is in my own mindset.

Image result for cybersmarts

My next steps in learning are to think about how I can blog more with activities, or programs in school, and even out of school but educational of course.

Do you think you can help me out with my next steps in learning?

Please drop below a comment of positive feedback, ad feedforward!
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