Monday, 26 June 2017

📚 Reading Buddies 📚

IALT: talk about the new thing I learnt which is that from 1.45pm to 2.00pm room 9 will be helping room 3 (tuakana teina buddy class) reading their books and understanding more.

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After Zumba/Sport/Karaoke/Dance class at lunchtime today we went up to room 9, and they were surprisingly not their so we went for a look! We went to the hall, outside, but from a mile away I was able to hear "SIALE", and with hearing SIALE means hearing room 9, we went over and were able to spot room 9 in room 3. It was very unusual to me at first but after reading with our buddies, we were able to realise that everyday after lunchtime from the times 1.45pm, to 3.00pm room 9 will be reading with room 3 in order to help them understand more in the books that they read. For example who was the main character, the main purpose, and many more important things in reading.

As I walked in the room I wasn't sure if my buddy was here neither was my peer, and friend Akanesi, and as we searched for them they weren't... so our solution was we would help Miss Barlow. Our task from Ms Thompson was to glad wrap a bunch of stars made of paper, and foil in order to keep the foil (star decorations) sticking to the paper. We then had to tape up the foil, in order to keep it sticking on tightly, until the time its needed!

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Tomorrow I hope to see my buddy and some learning done about the book he will be reading. Some exciting news is that we will be like our buddy's guardian at school with a reading log, and signatures of proof for reading.

Do you have advice, or thoughts on how you think I can improve on my buddy's reading?

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