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IALT: add more of my knowledge in the positive and negative effects that social media can have on people, and myself.

Remember the one website who answered all our questions, or found everything we were looking for? Well it now has been fined with 3.7 Billion New Zealand dollars! There fine came from the Europe Union. After investigating, for 7 seven years going beyond that time frame they were able to identify that Google, has been abusing its so called monopoly over internet searches. Luckily, Google has been provided with the oppurtunity of not breaking the rules for 90 days, or they will have no choice but facing further fines in the future. So the big question you all must be asking yourself is... What has Google done illegal under EU antitrust rules. Well, believe it or not but it states in the article itself that it had denied other companies  from having the chance to compete merits and to innovate, which was said by the EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager. Also another interesting piece of information I found in the article was that the fine has been twice as much as the previous largest fine, which was handed down to Intel in the year of 2009.

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My personal thoughts on Google, is that because of this maybe it will lose users! For example maybe people will move on from Google onto new social media webiste as in...
And many more helpful online, social media websites! This hasn't affected me in using Google at all! In order to make me stop using this website something much bigger needs to strike! Not that I am hoping for that but this article should only affect the people living in the country who fined Google, in my perspective.

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A challenges I would like to ask advice on is finding the definitions of some words I was unfamiliar with! For example Monopoly, it talked about how Google abused its Monopoly, well firstly what does that mean? Because instead of me using Google I would like to hear the opinion of my audience, blog viewers, and also blog readers.

Reading the original content is provided for you here also.. (Click Here)

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