Wednesday, 28 June 2017

🎲 The Kindergarten Visit @ TPS 🎲

IALT: reflect on developing the skills of welcoming, and greeting others into our school!

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9.00 Ana, and myself were offered to help out the photographer of the class photo's today BUT our teacher Ms Komor told us to prioritize what Miss Thompson has asked for us to do, as it seems for important. So we went down to Miss Thompson... and she grabbed a bunch of student councils to help out with the Kindergarten visit Tamaki Primary had. Ana, and I had the job of greeting guests and directing them down into the boardroom. We had a lot of guest and children so to get them ready to entertain themselves we prepared a Gymnastics course for them, opened up the sand pit, and bring out bright sittable dices in order to read with them. Sadly, we weren't able to stay for more because our teacher Ms Komor, said we had to be in class by 10.15AM max! So I rushed out to warn Miss Thompson to organise for another to host the activities, and to also find others before it got started. I was afraid I would've got into trouble so I rushed back into class in a hurry. We walked in and carried on as usual. But something didn't feel right! Was it Ms Komor's mood? Was she angry? I felt as if she was!

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I look forward in seeing them around or attending our school in the future!

But I am still looking on working on imperfections on reflecting on things. From articles, or Kiwisport, to huge events like these!

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