Thursday, 29 June 2017

🚴‍♀️Fitness Reflection 🚴‍♀️

IALT: find a pace where I can confidently keep moving.

The teachers for Fitness Miss Kyla, Kelly, and Ms Kalenjuk, the activities Reverse Lunges, Star Jumps, Shuttle Runs, Squats and Step Ups. Ms Kalenjuk may sound unfamiliar to those who keep up with my blog posts, maybe because she is our reliever for today! As Miss Komor  is on release today, Ms Kalenjuk will be taking room 9 today! She held Miss Komor station, but sadly when we got to her station we weren't able to successfully accomplish the activity! The reason for that was because for the whole 1 minute we should have been actively moving Ms Kalenjuk was too busy in demonstrating the exercise, she lost track of the time limit given! But in the Squats and Step Up station with Miss Kyla, it was calm! I was able to keep moving in the time frame given, and I was also able to do that while doing the shuttle runs!

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In this lesson something I would like to improve on is having a growth mindset. By this I mean not giving others the opportunity to set the example for me but me setting it for them. Though I am not confident in sport, or anything related in sport as a leader my priority is to set a positive example for the young ones.

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An activity that had challenged was the bike track run. When Ana, and myself came out they had already started and we were the last ones to start but luckily we raced up in front many people, making a speedy recovery. But still, next time I would like to start as a class and finish and as class, rather than starting as an individual and ending as a group, class, tribal, squad or a team!

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What is your opinion on this reflection, or on our fitness session today?

Please comment down below some feedback and feedforward for me to use in my future ongoing, learning, educational blog posts.

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