Friday, 23 June 2017

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IAL: how to write about one of my great achievements.

As a leader, I was picked with another student to write about an achievement or even ourselves. It was hard for me at first but after thinking hardly, and deeply I was able to come to a clear understanding in writing, and sharing with the newsletter readers about myself reaching over 600 blog posts. Nor did I just talk about reaching the milestone of accomplishing over 600 blog posts, but also my future goals in blogging, and also what I hope to be in the future. In writing this it wasn't only for entertainment but also for inspiration! I hope for children to look up to me and follow in the example I leave for them, as I will be leaving next year for College! As I was writing about this I wanted it to be short, catchy, inspiring, entertaining, and a piece of writing that gets to the point. I don't want for people sitting and reading a lot of text, then giving up halfway I want for people to hear my message regardless of the length, because I believe that what I have to share with others can be used in very useful ways!

On the other hand, here is the DLO I created using another one of Google Drive's Applications - Google Document to explain and show my thoughts, and my story!

This is what I want to put on the next newsletter, but I am open minded to new idea's of adjustments, and changing things to hook more in!

What are your thoughts on what I need to work on?

Please leave a comment below, and a huge thanks will come down your way!
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